Wednesday, February 10, 2010

show and tell

Remember show and tell as a kid? We would have it each week, and I would always be excited to bring something in that was special to me and tell everyone about it. This day seemed to put a smile on every kids face. You never really knew what others were going to bring in, but the excitement of it all just made you giddy inside. It was time to let all else go and just share with each other what was special to us. It was our time to pull out of our pocket or box what made us smile. To see all the special things, and to have each child tell why it was special and what it meant to them was something we all looked forward to. Who doesn't want to share with others what is special to them? When something has such important meaning to us, don't we just want to shout it to the world?

Some kids would bring in dolls, trucks, little trinkets from their grandmother, some even brought in turtles, sea shells, the tells were just endless at what we might come to find out about another.

What is special to us says a lot about who we are. Yesterday my son, a friend and I had seen a car accident take place right before our eyes as we stood looking out the window. We ran to check on everyone, and to call 911. We were praising God that no one was hurt, because we knew how bad it could have been. The man whose truck was crunched had different thoughts. This man was more worried about his truck than his girlfriend. His actions and words spoke loud and clear to those watching. We knew that it was just a truck, that can be replaced, but what about the life of another? His show and tell was evident at just what was important at the moment.

So what is important to you and I? Family, friends, our home, our pets? We would not have any of those things if it were not for the God who gave His life for you and I. Without Him we really have nothing to show and tell, because everything we have belongs to Him.

So how much of our lives is showing Him? And how much of our lives is telling others about Him? My life should be a reflection of Jesus, and as He is in my life I should be telling others all that He has done and is doing. I should be as excited about sharing Jesus as I was in kindergarten in sharing my new toy at the moment. I should be sold out telling others about just who He is.

We seem to tell what is important to us by what we are showing, and many times my life is not showing Christ. Many times my life is showing "I", and my selfish desires, and my wants. We can hold value to the things of this world, but the things of this world are more costly to us than what our eyes think they are worth. Today we can hold close to us things that we think are bringing us happiness, but they are not lasting. The only lasting value we have is Jesus. The trinkets of this world can not hold a candle to what Jesus can give. What are you holding in your hand today? Whatever it is, open your hand willingly and give it to Jesus. Now, open your heart to Him and He will fill you with all you need.

Show and tell was a weekly activity in our lives as kids. We thought about what we were going to bring in, and we took time to think about what we were going to say about our prize possession. So what about today? Are we as excited and prepared to share Jesus with those around us? He is the most important and special gift we could share with anyone, so lets get excited! Lets step out of our box, lets show others who He is today. Lets get in front of class and pull His love out of our pocket and share it with another. If he is most important in our lives let us live it, let us show it and let us tell it today before it is our last chance to share. May our show and tell become our go and tell.

Matthew 28:19-20 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."


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