Monday, February 8, 2010

abundant life

John 10:10 says this: "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life; and it to the full."(niv)

Do you ever think we concentrate too much on the evils of the world instead of the blessings? Do you think we ever let our fears get the best of us? If we are concentrating on Jesus, we can be assured we have nothing to fear. Yes, there are evils all around us, but if we are focused on them, look at all we are missing?

Remember being a kid and just playing, just laughing, and not having a care in the world? Remember Mayberry and Andy Griffith? I love watching that show, going to a place that seems so peaceful and friendly. I watch it each morning before I get out of bed. When we have peace in our hearts, when we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we too can live and live abundantly.

When I was a kid growing up in a small town in the country I road my bike everywhere, played by the river, went to friends homes and stayed for the day to come home when I knew supper was ready, only to eat and go back out again. I remember doing flips in the yard, going to the park and swinging like there was no tomorrow. Playing softball on the local team in the summer, and staying out all day in the winter. Time may have been different then, but I don't think that was it. I think it was just being a kid, and living each day as it was your last. Being a kid I would wake each day thinking, "Wow, what is today going to bring?" Climbing trees, catching frogs, and going on walks to forever is what my days were about.

I remember watching my mom hang clothes out and thinking how beautiful they looked swinging in the wind. Chasing fireflies at night and butterflies in the day put a smile on my face. Drinking a cola out of a bottle, and having a snack from the local store to give me more energy to go ride some more was what made me laugh.

Seeing my little dog bark at the Flintstones came on, knowing my dad was coming in the door each day right on time made me smile. Watching my mom cook the best dinners ever and sitting down drinking a cold glass of milk was the best.

Waving to people as they went by, asking others how they were, and helping out the neighbor is what life seemed to be about.

Today seeing little ones play brings back those sweet memories of long ago. Teaching Awana to kindergardners who just enjoy laughing and life fills my heart with joy.

Where have those times gone? We seem to have lost the special feeling somewhere along the way. We watch the news and we are fearful. We see terrorists and we wonder when they will strike again. We are afraid of just about everything today. We allow the evils of the world to take over, and take our freedoms away, our lives away, but just what if, what if we didn't allow satan to overcome us? What if we didn't give him our thoughts and allow him into our lives, but just focused on Christ and what is good, pure and holy? Isn't that what He calls us to do? It then when we let go of the fears that control us that we can find life, and live it abundantly! What a freedom God has given us. We are not under the control of satan, he has nothing on us! We are children of God, and He has given us life, so why not live it?

Today is a gift from God. Each moment can be a blessing if we will open our eyes to Him, if we will open our hearts to Him, and allow Him to fill us with His love. When we are filled with His love, the day already looks better!


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