Friday, February 19, 2010

its on the news, really?

What is it that makes the headlines on the news? As a friend pointed out today she was tired of hearing about Tiger Woods, I could only agree. As I turned on the local news yesterday the headliner was the pot holes in the city. Really? Of all the things going on in the world pot holes as the lead story?

We turn on the news to hear of the local activities, maybe something to make us smile after a long day. We want to hear whats going on around us. We would like to hear the weather, what our government is doing and let us hear from the troops serving this country. Let us hear of the celebrations in our communities. Let us feel as though we are safer when we turn off the news, instead of still left wondering.

The main thing is we want to hear the truth! We don't have to have things sugar coated, and we don't have to have things exaggerated to make them make us feel like doom and gloom is coming.

We want to hear of the local woman saved by her son, where the jobs are, the real news in our area.

What we don't want to hear is Tiger Woods latest woman, or even his apology. We don't want to hear about Paris Hilton, and all of Hollywood. We do not want to hear of the trash going on by the big wigs, we already know that's happening.

Tell the story of the family in the country overcoming loss. Tell the stories of the older generation leaving us. Share of the miracles that are taking place, and the beauty in the world.

Show us the things that will teach us, enlighten us and make us feel as though we know what is going on around the world when we turn off the news at night, not like we just turned off Entertainment Tonight.

When an accident has happened or a tragedy to a family I Do Not want to see a camera in their face asking them how they feel about losing their home! The tears clearly show that.

What of the hurricane victims that are forgotten? What about the children who need homes? Those who are volunteering to bless the lives of others. Lets hear of those reaching out all across this land when our government is out of the picture. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Lets share the truth in each matter. Lets just be honest and let us decide what we want to see. We don't want to see false polls being taken and people being trashed. I don't want to see the President's dog, and what his wife is wearing.

I want to see the news, the important things that touch people's lives daily. I want to learn and feel like I can turn the news on and see if the one who murdered three people has been caught. I don't want to see the picture over and over again of the man who massacred twenty students. Share the lives of those taken.

We still have free speech in our country and its not being shared in truth. The news media hides the truth of the war, and shows us what they want us to see. I for one want to see what God is doing in the lives of those around us. Share the hurting hearts, and the stories of children doing great things. Shine the light on the good and let us see the real stories that matter. I want to be an informed citizen. I for one do want anymore Hollywood in my living room!


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