Friday, February 19, 2010

gotta love those companions

I gotta tell ya whenever I walk through the door I am greeted as though I have been gone for days. Daisy is spinning in circles, and grabbing my hand leading me to where she can sit on my lap. She loves to go on walks, to snuggle up when its cold, and she is always there. Yep, she can be my best buddy of all. She makes me feel loved and needed. She is forgiving, and she is fun. She knows just when I need her, and just when I feel my worse. She can feel my expressions, and will gladly try her best to make me feel better. She is there to wake me, and there to snuggle at night. She has her tricks, she can even smile. She loves carrots, grapes and cheese. She is warm, she is loving, and she is always by my side. She can climb upon my lap while I am at the computer, lay next to me while I read, and follow me out to the car to go for a ride. She loves every guest, and wants to greet them with her love. She loves dryer sheets, yes, she rolls on them. I guess she too likes to smell good. She loves to play catch, and run through the house in excitement. She can make my day with just one look. Her companionship blesses my life. Some say animals have no place in our hearts. Some do not like pets at all. For them, I think they are missing something so sweet. To make a connection with a pet is a life lasting memory. This little lady might be just a tad spoiled, and she is for sure loved much, but I think the real gift goes to us. To see that tail wag can sure put a smile on your face. She has been there to lift my spirits and when I am lonely she is there. I can reach out and find her there as my companion through all. As she was a gift from my husband in one of hardest times in my life. She has filled many empty nights and filled in the holes with such joy. She is a rich blessing that I cannot imagine my days without. Do you have a special companion that enriches your life? If so, count yourself blessed as you like I know what they have to offer to our lives that can be filled with rush and noise. They have a way of bringing calm and peace. Life would not be the same without our companions by our side. Life just seems a little sweeter with the wag of a tail.


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