Friday, February 19, 2010

ALASKAN QUEST SERIES book two (Under the Norhern Lights) by Tracie Peterson

Under the Northern Lights picks up right where book 2 leaves us. Leah Barringer is home now after marrying Jayce, but during their journey Chase, Jayce's twin brother had kidnapped Helaina at gunpoint. Now as Leah is home, Jayce and Jake are on a manhunt to find Chase and bring Helaina home to safety. There are many twists and turns already in the first chapters. As Leah comes into the house she thinks Jayce is there waiting for, confused because she thought he was out with the crew hunting for Chase. But she is excited to see him, thinking he changed his mind and decided to come home after her instead, but to her recognition now, she is standing before Chase. Chase had come into Last Chance Creek and tricked the others into believing him to be Jayce. He now captures Leah, and has her thinking he has also captured Jayce and Jake. He takes her further up north, and along their journey Leah is always trying to show him grace and in doing so she gets him to open up about his past and feelings of his family. To no avail, Chase is an evil and selfish man. He has made it to the cabin in which Helaina is being held. Helaina has become very ill and Leah tends to her. While here Chase takes advantage of Leah and leaves her with feelings of hate that she has never had before. With Leah's wise thinking they soon escape and find the others. As the others send them home, Jayce decides to go after his brother himself, only to find him almost dead. Jayce buries his brother in the wilderness and is now on his way home. Leah finds herself pregnant, and with feelings of not sure who the father will be. During Helaina's stay here in Last Chance Creek, she comes to find the Lord. She also finds herself in love with Jake. As she is wanting to share with him she knows he will never go back to New York with her. So she keeps her feelings to herself, only to travel home and find that she no longer belongs there.She in fact is a changed person. She is on her way back to the Alaskan country when now Jayce and Jake are on a ship at sea in the midst of trouble again. Leah is taking care of the twins and Helaina is staying with her, praying and keeping faith that their men will return and Helaina will get to tell Jake her true feelings. This story carries so many interesting characters, and you begin to find yourself curious about the life in Alaska during the early 1900's. You will meet Ayoona, John, Emma, and the other people of Alaska who have always called it home. Through their trials and struggles God shows Himself through these characters and their faith. We watch these characters find forgiveness in this rugged land. Jayce, Jake and Leah come to terms with forgiveness. As Helaina watches them she sees what faith is, and when you hold on to faith it will carry you through. I loved this book as much as the first. As much as I have shared, there is so much more to this story that will grab you and you will not want to put it down. This book was a gift from Bethany House for its review.


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