Saturday, February 20, 2010

He's calling, will you pick up?

So many times when I am busy I never pick up my phone. I let it ring and let the answering machine get it. I figure if its important they will call my cell, but then even at times I do not answer. But why do I seem to think my time is so valuable that I cannot answer my phone? What if that person on the other end really needs something? What if tragedy has happened? What if they just need to share, or even what if it is something that is going to bless me?

We seem to have become so involved in our own lives and in the moment of "Me" that we forget about all else. We hear that phone ringing as an annoyance, or even we feel obligatory to pick it up.

Is that how we are with God? What about when He is calling? Do we pick up immediately or do we let it ring for a while? Like a bill collector are we afraid of what He is going to say or ask for? Are we afraid He is going to ask us to go somewhere or to make another call to someone in need?

There are times at home when the radio is up, or the vacuum is running and I do not hear the phone. It can be that way in my life with God too. I can allow so much noise that there is no room for His voice to be heard.

But we cannot deny God is calling us. There are times when He is shouting and times when He is giving us a soft whisper. I want to hear Him. I don't want the things of this world to come between me and God. I want to be close to Him. Wherever I go I want Him to be there, and wherever He goes I want to be right by His side. But I need to get off the line so He can get through. I need to drown out the rest of the noise so I can hear His soft, sweet voice.

When I was little, very little, I remember we had a party line. No, that doesn't make me really old. But I remember my mom wanting to use the phone, but she had to wait until another was off. I do know there were those like on Andy Griffith that listened in on the other calls. Some places had more than a two party line, some had many, and each one had their own ring.

With God we each have our own ring, if we are listening we know it is He who is calling. Am I always listening for my ring? I have to say no, but I want to. I want to change that today. In the midst of all the commotion today I want to hear His calling. There is nothing sweeter than knowing God is calling me! That is hard for me to fathom, that the God of heaven wants to call me, and He wants to talk with me.

And just what if someone was listening in on your call, what would they hear? Would they hear anything of Jesus or would they hear just about you? I love it, I have a friend, a beautiful girlfriend who I can call or she can call me and we just talk about Jesus. In almost every conversation we have Jesus comes up. I cannot say that about every conversation I have, but I should be able to. When I speak others should be able to see Jesus. They should know that He is my life. So what if we had that party line today? In some ways we could take that and make it cool. We could hear God's call, answer and share with others all the wonders of His love. I think I like that idea. We too often do not share all the good that He is doing in our lives.

When the phone does ring, are you the listener or are you the one talking? Is it a shared conversation? I have found when God calls, I cannot always be the talker, there are many times that I just need to be the listener. My problem is that I want to do all the talking, but in a conversation that is two sharing, and that's how are relationship with Jesus should be. It is when we are listening that we learn the most.

But we can be in a crowded room, an elevator, under the water or in the woods and hear His voice. We can be anywhere on this earth and hear Him over all else, we just have to listen and be in tune with Him. Walking with Him side by side allows us to know when He is calling so we can pick up.

Wherever you are today He is calling. He is calling for you to come follow Him, to love Him, and to allow Him to be part of your life. He has a special purpose and plan for all of us, but before we are to know what it is we must first listen.

His call is the most important call you will ever receive. Don't let it keep ringing, don't yell for someone else to pick it up. If you just pick up it will be the greatest blessing you have ever thought of receiving. This is the one call you have been waiting for. You just don't know what blessings its going to hold until you answer.

Romans 10:13 " For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved."

John 10:3-4 " To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice."


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