Saturday, February 20, 2010

ALASKAN QUEST SERIES book three (Whispers of Winter) by Tracie Peterson

As I finish up the third book "Whispers of Winter" I feel I have connected with the Alaskan people, and made friendships with the many characters as I have spent much time reading about their adventures and journeys. Leah's sweet friend Ayoona had died, but others remember her kindness and wisdom. Jayce and Jake are awaiting on an island to be saved after the ship had been motionless in ice. They return home to find the women they love had not given up on them. Hope remained alive for their return. Sweet friendship builds between Leah and Helaina. And the strong friendship between Jayce and Jake is even strengthened. Jake and Helaina marry, and they are blessed with a child, as too Jayce and Leah are blessed with a little girl they have named Karen, after the woman who raised Leah and Jake after the death of their mother. Karen's death was a devastating blow to her family and came unexpected. The story adds in the lives of Karen's children and the journey they must now face without their mother. And too of the captain of the ship that Jayce and Jake were on. As his wife has died, he is none to happy to keep living, but with the encouragement from Jake and Jayce he finds life new. I love how God brought these families of Jake and Jayce to move to a new area and make a new home just has illness was coming to Last Chance Creek. This book carried with it death, birth, friendship, and enduring love. Everything in God's timing. That is what I captured from this book. To have faith, patience and to wait upon God. I was captivated with this series, the characters, the journey they took and the love they shared. There is so much to learn from this series. I hope you pick it and take a peek and you will find yourself filled until the last page. This book was a gift from Bethany House for its review.


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