Sunday, February 21, 2010

ABIGAIL (The wives of King David book 2) by Eileen Smith

When I picked up the book of Abigail I could not put it down. Abigail's life begins with her marriage to Nabal. She had a dreaded fear for her life. This is not what she dreamed marriage to be. She seemed to have lost herself in this marriage and finds herself following David and his tribe. Abigail is brought to life right before our eyes and in our hearts. This story is powerful, thought provoking, and inviting. It carries with it details into her life and the ways of the time in which she lived. This book carries us back to ancient times, to life, death, betrayal and love. We can see deep into Abigail's heart as we walk with her through her journey. These rich visions of the past hold us throughout the whole book. I enjoyed reading Abigail. It gave me an even clearer picture of her and what she went through. It drew me in and grabbed my heart, as we women can relate to her so well. She went through many struggles and she finally captures love, but has she had to give to get there? Come and take a walk with Abigail and see her story come to life. This book was given to me as a gift for review from Revell.


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