Sunday, January 24, 2010


Have you ever felt like you had the same film going through your mind over and over? Not just the same movie, but the same scene. You can see each part, each word, each action, and see it as though it was yesterday. This film keeps repeating itself, and during this time, you wish you could just fast forward the movie.

Have you ever sat in a movie theater and watched a film with parts that made you close your eyes? You just didn't want to close your eyes, but cover your ears too. You are sitting there wishing you could press the fast forward button and get on with it. Moving forward to another scene and another time.

We can look at this in a different way too. Have you ever wanted to press that rewind button, just move back a little bit? Not even, just hit it all the way, but just keep going back slowly, going over each part as it brought so many wonderful memories back of the past.

Maybe you would just like to hit the pause button, and remain right there in a scene forever. Holding on to what was and what meant so much.

How do you want to play the film of your life? For me, each day is different. For today, I would love to hit the fast forward button, and move this scene along a little faster. Really, I would like to move it as fast as possible.

We read books to take us to another place and time. We see movies to inspire us, and to give us hope. We seem to keep our minds busy with all around us, trying to ignore at times what is right there in front of us. It is nice to escape at times. To leave the scene in hopes of coming back to a new one.

Even though I may not like the scene in my movie right now. There is a Director in charge of every scene. He holds up the Take One and even the Take Two signs. He keeps going until its right. Never leaving the scene and never leaving me there alone to finish it or figure out each scene alone. He begins each scene and brings each one to an end by His voice and His command. When I mess up the lines, when I trip over the opening, He is there, bringing me through.

I am not sure how my movie is going to play out. I don't get a script ahead of time, I am just filled with faith to carry me through each scene. I am given hope in each act and strength through each tough act to follow.

When the credits roll by, the One name that will be there is God's name. Jesus Christ is the Director, and the Producer of my film. He brings in many who fill in the holes, and bridge the gap.

When I think the scene is about to get worse, He brings in the light and shows a new scene, giving hope in the ending. When I think the scenes are taking too long, He gets me through.

With each scene in this script He has given, He knows exactly how each course is going to end. He knows how each scene is building for another. He is at the beginning, the middle and the end.

Even when the lines are given to me and I make a mistake, He knows how to change that around, and use it for the scene to bring Him glory. There is no part that goes untouched by His hand.

Wherever you are in your scene, however your film is moving today, know that He is there directing and leading each part to bring the performance to the highest magnificence it can be. With Him leading, do we really have anything to worry about?

When we are following under His direction, He is making a blockbuster. There is nothing to compare. Each of our scenes somehow come together to make the greatest movie of all times, and He is the Star.

Don't get lost in the what if's and if only's. Don't get bogged down in the lost scenes, because in the end it will all come together. We may think there are missing pieces, but there are not. All those pieces will come together making a beautiful scene fit for a King.


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