Sunday, January 24, 2010


Here we find from Tracie Peterson a trilogy, 3 in 1 series gathered together in a complete set. This story is set in Montana Territory in the 1800's. We meet Gwen, the oldest sister, Beth, the middle sister, and Lacy, the youngest of the Gallitin sisters. Life in the Montana Territory is hard, and in the beginning of the books, their father is killed by gun shots in the middle of town. They are left to run the roadhouse together. As they struggle with the loss of their father, Gwen also has struggled with the loss of her husband, only married a short time. Their mother died when they were young, so they have clung to each other, giving strength to one another. In the first book "A Promise To Believe In", the story builds around Gwen. A man comes into town by coach and wants to find the woman who married his brother, and why she allowed him to die. Gwen finds out her first husband was not an honest man, and the man who has come into town is his brother, Hank. As the story unfolds, Gwen and Hank begin to form a relationship, and Gwen lets her guard down, after all these years of hiding her heart. In the second book, "A Love To Last Forever", we find the story wraps around the life of Beth. Beth takes after her father in many ways, and we see her struggles as she dreams of being a wife and mother one day. She dreams of settling down, and Beth finds love with Nick, whom she has known for years. But his past comes into play and we find forgiveness and trust beginning to grow. In the last book, "A Dream To Call Her Own", we find the youngest sister, Lacy, who is after the killer of her father. She is beautiful just as her sisters, but she tends to wear pants and has a way with her words. She is a spit fire, and not afraid to confront anyone. She harbors anger over the death of her father and will not let it go until she finds the truth, but in finding the truth, she also finds love with Dave Shepard, the Sheriff. Dave has always had a heart for Lacy and she will fall for him also. This set of books will take you back in time to a place that seems forever away. It will show us the struggles and blessings that these ladies and men faced during that time. Love, forgiveness and redemption are themes here. You will love picking up this set, just as I did. It was a blessing to read. This set was a gift from Bethany House for its review.


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