Sunday, January 24, 2010

JENNA'S COWBOY by Sharon Gillenwater

Enter into Callahan Country in Texas with a bigger than life love story. You will meet Jenna Callahan, a red headed beauty, along with her son, Zach, who fills the pages with sweetness. As she is back home and starting over again on the family ranch, in walks Nate Langley, home from the Army. Nate is beginning a new life also. He is trying to leave the horror of the war behind. They loved one another when they were teens, and they find themselves still carrying a torch. This is a love story that will grab your heart. We see how Nate is going through emotions from the war. He has tried to hide his fears but they won't leave his dreams. No longer able to fight them off, he seeks help. Healing begins as he discovers he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. He does not find himself alone, the Callahans sur round him with love and lift him up. As he is working on the Callahan Ranch with Jenna, they find their feelings have only gained strength. This is a timeless story of love, redemption and new beginnings. Leaving the past behind and finding new life, with a strengthened love in the Lord. You will have a few tears fall, and many smiles on your face spending time with the the Callahan family. We such genuine love between Jenna and Zach. We find what family is really all about here in the midst of these wonderful characters. I was captivated by this story within the first pages. It is a treasure. A story that just warms your heart with a delightful feeling. This book was given to me by Revell for its review. Jenna's Cowboy will be released January 2010.


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