Friday, January 8, 2010

buds and blooms

As a lover of flowers, I get overjoyed when my flowers at home bud. I then get really happy to see the blossoms of the beautiful colors. I take much enjoyment in just watching flowers bloom. Going from a small seed, to a tiny plant, and then shooting up, with buds and blooms. Have you ever had a plant that struggling a little? Maybe the soil isn't right, maybe your watering it too much, or too little, maybe its getting too much light,or not enough. There are many factors to growing plants, and I am no genius at it. Usually, I kill my plants with too much love, and that love would be water. So I slowly drown my plants, thinking I am loving them. There was a elderly woman down the road from us that held a beautiful garden each year. As all the vegetables caught my husbands eye, it was the flowers that caught mine. They were big and vibrant, showing many colors of wonder. I often wanted to stop by and tell her what a joy her garden was to me each time I drove by, how it gave me hope. I guess I wanted to ask her,"How did you get your garden to grow like this?" There are flowers that grow as a group, there are flowers that grow better to themselves, but the amazing thing is whatever flower, whatever ever color, they all began the same way, as a seed or a bulb, and they started with the breath of God. Our children are a garden of our love. They each have their own bright color, they are all special in their own unique way, and they all take different factors to make them blossom. As our children are small, those little buds, it is so important to show them and teach them the love of God. As they begin to grow, there is always pruning that needs to be done, although they may not like it at first, as the gardener we know it is best for their growth. You love them with tender care, setting them in the Son, giving them all you have from your heart, praying, hoping that one day your garden, God's garden He left you in charge of with bring forth a bounty of beauty. As a gardener you spend much time on your knees, picking out the weeds that are holding the little flowers back from full blossom, you keep all the danger away so they will stay rooted, and you give your heart to watching them unfold, and then one day a wind blows and the seed that began in your garden now is carried off to another. Your prayers do not stop, your love does not end, it only grows, for what once was under your tender care is now under another. Our gardens do not always take off as we would like, sometimes there are good years and some not so good, but even in those bad years, there is still produce, we just are not seeing it yet. Every flower blossoms on its own timing, each one will grow and flourish just when the time is right. As the weather changes, as storms come, we find out just how hearty our little plants are, and then one day, one day in the future, we will see the beautiful garden that was created out of love, that began with the love of Christ. I have seen the beauty in the seed, I have watched them bud, and I have seen blossoms so beautiful they bring tears to your eyes. Although I am still waiting for my garden to bloom to its full potential, I know its coming. During this time, this period of waiting, the Lord gives hope, and He has His hands over these little plants, and with His love and care they will be more beautiful than before. So for today, I pray over my garden, I keep watch, and know with all the hope that the Lord has given, my garden will be all it was created to be.

Isaiah 58:11 "The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; You shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail."


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