Tuesday, December 8, 2009

should we have that finger pointed out?

It is so easy to hear a story and point our finger at others and say,"I can't believe he did that", or "I would never do such a thing". For if not for the grace of God there go I. God gave us the good sense of right and wrong, He showed us His way, giving us His commandments, but even as Christians, we are still sinners. There is not one man who does not sin upon this earth except for Jesus Christ. Yes, when we see on the news of someone who murdered, we know in our hearts how awful, we feel for the families of both sides. When we see on the news of one who has had an affair, we are so quick to judge and say what a scoundrel he or she is. When someone falls are there times we sit back and say,"I knew that would happen"? Are we ever happy when we see another slip and fall? If we are honest, I think we can say yes to that one. We see those that have puffy attitudes, we see those who do think they walk better than others, and when they fall off the saddle, we sit back and say, "Well, they needed that to come down just a little." I see these things in myself at times. I have to remind myself I am no better than anyone else. My sins are no different than another's sins. Where one fails, I may fail in another area. So instead of pointing my finger, why not lift another up in prayer? When we hear of those divorcing, of those who have had their children taken away, of those who are fighting addictions, those who have fallen into affairs of their hearts, those who have walked out of church to follow their own way, why are we not lifting them up daily in prayer? See, I have figured out with my attitude of judgement, I am not any better, if anything I am being a stumbling block to another just by my attitude. Our finger pointing can either point others to Jesus or point them away, and too many times as Christians we are the first to point them the other way. We just simply fail to stand for what it right, we begin to think thoughts that are not Godly, but that keep us sinning more. Its easy to point the finger at others when we have not walked in their shoes. Its easy to take sides, but we must remember, there are always two sides. For Christians, the only side to take is the side of Jesus. To lift each party up in prayer, not to listen to one and judge the other. Yes, we can judge right from wrong, but the action, not the person. Many times it is in those falls that others come to know Jesus as their Savior. I know in my own circumstances, it is when I fall that at times I learn the most. As I have taught my children, it is only a mistake if you have not learned from it. Just as we hate the sin but love the sinner,we need to remind ourselves of this, we need to remind ourselves that we sin and if not for our Savior we would be in despair of hell. This past week as I watched the news and listened about Tiger Woods and his affair, his family and the pain, I noticed just how the media played into those hurts. They weren't lifting up this family, although wrong, his actions are no worse than mine when I fall. Failure touches us all, and we should lift each other up in everything. As my daughter goes through a divorce right now, I don't want to hear others say,"Yup, I knew that was going to happen." I want to hear of others praying for her, praying for the young man who is hurting so badly too. I don't want others to say horrible things, I want them to reach out in love. It might be this very thing that brings her right into the arms of Jesus. God restores those who call out to Him. So much touches our lives, we see so many things others are facing, and it is not up to us to judge them, to ask why or how did that happen. Its none of our business, but as Christians it is our business to call out to Jesus and to pray without ceasing, to lift them up to Christ and reach out with love.

Jesus, I need You to help me not to judge others, not to ask why, not to assume actions of others, but to remind me that I am a sinner, I am no different that anyone else, Your love reaches all who call out to You and help me to intercede for those who have lost their way. Forgive me Lord if I have caused another to stumble, but help me to lead others to You through having a heart full of grace and mercy~

Romans 14:13 "Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother's way."


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