Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I think hes ready to fly soon

I enjoy watching birds of all kinds stop by and feed in our yard. The happy little songs they sing bring such joy to a heart. I am a sap for watching mommas and their babies, watching the daddies feed the momma birds and watching the little ones take flight. On Andy Griffith, there was an episode where little Opie had accidentally shot a momma bird, leaving her young ones alone. He brought in the young ones and kept care of them, treated them with love, fed them with such care until they were able to fly away. There happen to be three little birds in that nest, just as in mine. I sat and sobbed as I watched that episode of those three little birds flying away, spreading their wings for the first time. I think I am about to have my last one take flight. This is not an easy step for me, it is just down right painful. It is a blessing watching him spread his wings, learn to fly, and watch him grow, but its the letting go part that's hard. We are so close, it is a gift to have him for a son. We just about do everything together. I have taught him school from the very beginning, watched as he soon came to my shoulders and now is way above my head. Why is it so hard to let go? I wonder if those momma birds have such a hard time also. Do they fear their babies will fall, do they fear danger will come their way, and do they ever wish they could stay in the nest just a little longer? Our son was always the one who said he was never leaving, and now that he is almost finished with school he is much closer to that flight. He is still deciding just what the Lord is calling him to do, just what his dreams are, but he is excited to go out and spread his wings. As his momma I pray I taught him everything he needs to know right now, I pray I have led him in the right direction and have taught him how to make good choices and to never leave the path that Christ has set before him. I know whatever he does, he will soar, for he has a heart full of passion, and a vision to do great things for the Lord. He is so gifted in music, he can play anything, he can hear a song and just play it so easily. When he picks up his mandolin, I hear beauty in all he plays. I suppose just as the momma birds love to hear their babies sing, I love to hear him sing along with his mandolin. For me, I can learn so much from the things around me. I can take in something that seems so small and learn such a great deal. Who would have thought me watching these birds would help me understand letting my own babies take flight? They cannot stay in the nest forever, they grow, they yearn for more, and they were made to fly, bringing glory to God.Lord, I thank You for giving me such an amazing son, full of life and love. A son who has already seen heartache and has felt the trials of satan as he has attacked our family, but through all he has stayed faithful to You. He has a heart full of desire and service. I am proud to call him my son. My husband sees just how close we are, and I think he knows how hard this is going to be. As he lets him do more and more, lets him find his way, and learn, I am sitting back asking,"Are you sure he should go, maybe he should wait to do that?" I think my husband is letting him spread his wings to help get ready for his flight. As I want to keep him with me, my husband knows for him to grow he must learn to do things on his own, to not always have momma and daddy there to make sure he doesn't fall, and that's exactly what this momma is trying to do. For those of you have empty nests, I hope you will share with me, I need guidance to let go of the last baby in the nest. For those of you who still have all your babies in your nest, your not there yet, but for my friends with their sweet babes still young, I will be praying for when that day comes your way also, so I am asking you to pray for me as I learn to let go and let this last one fly, make his course, and make his new home, for I know he will always know his way home~

Lord, this is hard to let go, but help remind me that he is Your child, and I must trust You with him. Please keep Your protective hand upon him everywhere he goes and may he never stray away from Your word. May he wait upon all until he hears Your instruction and may he make wise choices and wise friendships along the way. I pray for his life and I pray all he does brings glory and honor to You Lord.

Jeremiah 29:11 " For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."


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