Tuesday, December 8, 2009

putting it off

As my husband went to the dentist this week in pain from a few teeth it had me wondering all the things we put off. He has put off going to the dentist in hopes of saving money, in waiting for our insurance to kick in, and in hopes of just maybe if I wait long enough it will go away. We do that with many things we don't want to face. We put them off in hopes that they will go away, only putting them off as in my husband's tooth, only made it worse. We can always think of many excuses why we should wait. But are they really excuses or are they fears? For me, many times they are my fears surfacing, satan trying to deter me from following what the Lord has for me, or it can just be I want to do something else instead. Why do we wait, why don't we just follow through with what needs to be done? Just as waiting made my husbands teeth worse, made the pain much worse, when we wait on those problems we are facing they too seem to grow in pain. We aren't helping ourselves by ignoring what is right in front of us, we are only hurting ourselves, because most likely, we are worrying about the situation instead of just facing. But there is good news, a new way to look at those things, we can trust in the Lord, gain our strength from Him, grasp His wisdom and throw that fear right out the window. We can put off going to the doctor when we know there could be something wrong, we can put off talking to the one who has hurt us, and by doing so they may not understand we are hurt, and we are drowning ourselves in pity wondering why they haven't called or apologized yet. We can put off the dream that God has instilled in us with our fears of thinking we could never do it, but God wouldn't have called us to do something we couldn't do through Him. We put off saying, "I'm sorry", we can let our pride run our lives pretty easy. We put off all the hard things that need to be done, and do the easy ones first. We have to learn there are no easy buttons in life, it is those hard things that often mold us, giving us the character God desires in our lives. When we start putting off things we can get the attitude that someone else can do it. There are so many things we put off and many more reasons why, so for me I need to sit down and figure out what am I putting off, and is there a reason behind it. As I said, my fears keep me back, so if I am allowing my fears to take control of my life, then where is there room for Christ? As my husband is finding out, he should have faced his pain right away, now he must see the surgeon and have two teeth removed. What is being removed from my life because I am putting off facing my fears? That is a question we can all ask ourselves. To remove that fear we must trust in Jesus, know that He is in control and He is going to walk each road with us.

Lord, please give me the strength to face my fears, to trust in You with all I must do. Give me the wisdom to follow Your lead, know when to stand and when to sit, when to speak and when to listen. Mold me into the woman that You have created me to be. Help me to stop putting off the things You have called me to do~

Isaiah 40:31 "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."


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