Monday, December 7, 2009

LOVE IS A VERB by Gary Chapman

Sharing a cup of tea, sacrificing for another, inviting one to play, opening up your heart to someone in need, saying your sorry, allowing love to enter your heart again after a lose,finding courage to love the unlovable, having faith to start again, and having eyes to see others before ourselves, these are just a few of the things that Gary teaches us in Love Is A Verb. In his book each story is told from the heart of another, one who has gone through an experience, a life changing moment, a choice in their lives to let love shine through. After each personal story is shared, Gary shares his wisdom also. Each story is short, but with such impacting meanings that will change your heart as it did mine. All of these stories are actions of love, love is a verb, love is showing Jesus to others through our actions, not just words. When love comes alive, Jesus shows Himself true. This book is a treasure of stories with such wisdom and love, wisdom and love that have been learned through life experiences of others. I love how Gary brings the message of love through lessons that others have learned, lessons that they didn't learn over night, but over time, and with love we can begin to have patience, understanding, a closeness to others as never before. This is one of the best books I have ever read, one that I will go back to again and again as a reminder of what love really is. This book was a gift from Bethany House Publishers for its review.

Since 1979, Gary Chapman has written more than 20 books. His book The Five Love Languages has sold four million copies in English alone and has been translated into thirty-six languages, including Arabic and Hindi. He has his own daily radio program called A Love Language Minute that can be heard on more than 100 radio stations across the United States.
In addition to his busy writing and seminar schedule, Gary Chapman is a senior associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he has served for thirty-six years. Gary and his wife, Karolyn, have been married for forty-five years and have two adult children and two grandchildren.
Gary Chapman is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology from Wheaton College and Wake Forest University, respectively. He received MRE and PhD degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has completed postgraduate work at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Duke University.


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