Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its Christmas time

I love this time of year. I love the cold breeze, the snow, scarves and being wrapped up warm. I love seeing my breath in the air, the people all about, and the decorations. This year me and Jake went out and bought new ornaments, ribbons and new lights for our tree that we will put up Friday. We couldn't exactly pick out a theme of colors, so we just went with all the ones we thought were pretty. Makes it more fun for us, and it is such a special time to share that with him. We have had many traditions, some are still here some are just memories of the past. Each Christmas we would put up our stockings, and instead of filling them with treats, we filled them with blessings of letters, letters for each one telling them just how much we loved each person. I still have all those letters packed away and there are those days that I still get them out and read over them, remembering. For me, its not about the presents, its all about spending time together, its about making sure those you love know just how much they really do and sharing what is important. For each year we share is a gift from heaven, a blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ, and praise be to Him as we celebrate another year together. Sometimes its the little things that matter most. Anyone can go out and buy a gift, but it takes heart to share love, to share words that have not been said, to give a hug to someone you miss, to open your heart and bless another. So many times this time of year is hard for some, for others they find joy in watching their little ones open all their gifts around the tree. One year my kids and I went with the church to go caroling, and oh, what fun it was to see the smiles on the faces of those who could not get out, those who don't have a lot of visitors, but even for us it was a blessing. Its always a blessing for me to hear my children sing, they were blessed with beautiful voices. We happened to go to my mom's house that year, and to see her open her door with tears of joy in her eyes was the best gift of all. So many times we are just concerned with our own little families, but there are so many who are alone, who are hurting, and if we just reach out we can make a difference in the lives of many by just a song, a hug, or a call. Today as I made my first bow as our tree topper, I sat back with pride in my eyes seeing this creation that my hands made. I never thought I could, but as Jake sat by me cheering me on(We seem to do those crazy things), I knew it was going to be a great bow. We make our holidays what they are. As our family, your family may not be all together. You may be missing those you love, you may have lost a loved one this year, a friend maybe suffering with an illness, whether our families are big or small, whether all is perfect, we can still find blessings all around us. Don't just look at the commercials, the magazines, the store handouts, think of the gift you can give from your heart to another, and you might just see Jesus in their eyes with the blessings you give just from your heart to theirs.

Lord, help me not to get caught up in not having all our family here, keep my eyes focused on You and the real meaning of Christmas. Its not about me, its all about You and blessing You. Help me to reach out to others with the love You have placed in my heart and see the pure joy all around me~


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