Thursday, December 10, 2009

the stop light

As I drive I tend to get in a hurry at times, why, I'm not quite sure. As I sit at those stop lights I sit, tapping my fingers, thinking the light is never going to change. But ya know, those stop lights are telling us something, something so clear that we should be able to see it. We should slow down, take time and enjoy each moment. We often want to run those stop lights, rush through the yellow light and keep moving since there is so much to do. But what if we just slowed down, did just the things God has called us to do, and not trying to do everything we see just because there is a need. What if we prayed about that need, really sought out Christ to see if that project has our name on it, rather than taking it because it needs to be done? Just what if that project is for someone else, someone that will step forward, if it isn't for all of us who just seem to step in without praying first? There are blessings waiting for others if we will just stop thinking we should be doing it all, and let someone else step forward. We drive too fast in this life, we try to hurry through everything, but when we are in such a hurry, look at all the blessings we are missing. There have been those cars that I pass by trying to hurry ahead not getting there any faster. Life goes fast enough, so why not slow down and enjoy? We lose so much when we are in the fast lane. We can't see the beauty around us when are car is going so fast. But when switch lanes, move over to the slow lane, we can begin to see the things around us that we have been missing. We just can't seem to understand this time thing. When we are young we want time to move faster, but as we mature, we see just how fast time as moved and we cannot rewind the clock, we can't slow down those minutes ticking by, so just learn to enjoy each moment. I have a wonderful wise friend who shared with me one day when I was in such a hurry about school. I didn't take days off and we did double a lot, I was moving too fast. My kids were learning, but as my friend shared, it was okay to spend some time doing other things that made us laugh, spending time just enjoying. Those are the times they are going to remember, not how much time we spent doing history. I am thankful for her advise, I have learned to slow down and enjoy. I pray this season you too learn before time passes all to quickly. So sleep in one day, spend time making cookies, watch a movie together and laugh, just be silly and see time as a gift~

Lord, help me remember to slow down, to take time and make lasting memories. Help me to remember to slow down and spend time with You, sharing in our walk so that each moment is just a little more sweet.


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