Saturday, December 26, 2009

do they really offer the best?

Either watching television or listening to the radio, looking in the paper, every store says they have just what you need, they have all you need, at the right price, and they have the best deals for you. I for one listen to this and just have to laugh. I am one of those girls who does love a sale, but I have a great friend to teach me all about the resale shops and now there is an exciting day to come out of a shop with bags full, full of things that you know the real cost and you have just gotten a great deal for less. I am one who loves to go in all the stores at the mall, just to have a look, sometimes dream, but ya know, these stores, these shops, all these ads we see, they just don't have what we really need. They have lots of pretty things, things that make us smile, and for me, shopping at one time had become almost an addiction. I shouldn't even say almost, it had. I was trying to shop for things to put a smile on my face, to take the tears away, and it may have worked for awhile, but the only thing that carried me through those tears, got me through my trials, was the strength and love of Jesus. Nothing in a store could replace what I really needed, and that was Him. Its funny, the stores draw us in telling us all we need according to them, and how they are the ones who can give it. Satan knows exactly how to put out those ads to trick us, to make us think things are what we need, and the bigger the better. He tries every way possible to keep us from our Savior, and if he can do just a little at a time, we can find ourselves in a store, with arms full of bags, bags that are full, but our heart is as empty as it was when we came into the store. There is one present, one gift, that is free, there is no charge, it is given by grace, it is salvation. It is the greatest gift you could ever want and the best there is. Accepting Jesus as your Savior, giving your heart to Him is the best shopping day you could ever dream of. You don't have to get out in the cold, you don't have to shop for sales, you don't have to fight the world for a bargain thats going fast, you can find Him right here, right now. You can call out His name and He will answer your call. What is it your heart is shopping for? What is it that your heart needs? All those gifts on your lists may bring a smile to your face, but the only real joy you will ever experience comes from Jesus Christ. There is nothing bigger, better, and nothing to replace Him, and you won't ever be in a line trying to exchange Him, because once you ask Him into your heart, He is there to stay, and He can replace all those ads, all those deals with something so much greater, His love, His forgiveness, and His undeniable mercy! Try checking out His web site today, instead of the sale books, you can find Him just by saying, "Jesus", and He will come to where you are. His site is always open and you will never find it shut down, His word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!!!


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