Sunday, December 27, 2009


In this world we cannot always see as the light is shining through. Ben Buckley carries a photo in his wallet of his family, a family that he has lost, one that he has let go of in anger and bitterness. Ben lost his wife Chloe, in a horrible murder that has not been solved. Life seemed simple for Ben until his wife began going to church, then things seemed to change, but before he could understand Chloe's love for the Lord, she died. This is where Ben's bitterness and anger come in, he moved away with his children, but never really was the father he should have been, which has built a wall up between he and his children. Ben is good at building walls now, he keeps everyone at a distance, until he hires Kelly Kovatch, a young, christian girl who has nothing in common with his company, except that her mother and Chloe had become friends before her death, so now Ben is interested in Ms. Kovatch's life, only to find out she is dying of cancer. He feels no sympathy for her, but feels as though she is the lucky one, the one who was able to prepare for her death. This story intertwines these two hurting families, bringing their pain together, together at the forefront of this story. Ben's secretary has been putting up with him for years and trying to solve the mystery of Chloe's death. As the light begins to shine in the lives of these families, healing begins to take place, anger leaves, and new life begins. This is a story all can relate too, and one that I liked. There were places where it moved slowly, but I think the author placed a lot of detail, so we could feel what these characters were going through, so you must take the book slowly, and when you do, you will enjoy each page. This book was a gift to me by Bethany House Publishers for its review.


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