Saturday, December 26, 2009

the day after

Is it all over now, the hustle and bustle of Christmas? Another shopping day begins the day after Christmas. The boxes and wrapping paper are all in the trash, the presents are all put away, the cards are stuck in a drawer, the tree comes down, the ornaments get put away safely, the food and snacks are eaten quickly, the decorations come down as do the lights that shone so brightly for a month. So the day is over, all the preparations to get there, and then now as our world moves on, another "Holiday" is to come. It is sad really, somewhere in there the birth of Jesus is all but forgotten to many, to many it was never even a thought. So now what happens? The celebrations are over, the parties are past, and now its time to take back all those presents you didn't like. Why do we just seem to celebrate His birth on one day? We should be celebrating His birth everyday! Our lights may come down off our homes, but they should still be shining in our hearts, bright enough for the whole world to see. Our decorations may come down, but we should still be wearing His love to show the world who He is. The food may gone by now, but at each meal, we can still bow our heads and thank Him for all He has given. The cards may be taken down, the ones with all the verses of His love there for us to see, but as we put those away, we can remember to bring out our bible daily and read of all He is. We may have gone to the last party yesterday, but we can hold a party in our heart for Him daily, inviting others to come, until every last RSVP is sent in for the biggest celebration ever, the day we will see Him face to face. Will you be there for that one? As the pictures were taken, as the hugs were given, as many blessings have come, may we hold them in our heart of hearts, and not forget where our real blessings have come.


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