Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BACK ON MURDER by J. Mark Bertrand

Detective Roland March is trying to prove he is still the one of best. He is trying to gain respect back from the force, and as he is, he is the first one to discover evidence at a crime scene that is important to the case. As his boss calls him into his office, he gives him one more chance. There just isn't the murder of a gang banger, but the kidnapping of a Pastor's daughter. He is on the case for now, so is he trying to prove himself to the force or more so to him? If you love mysteries, if you love a story of redemption, this one is for you. Roland takes a lot of slack from the other officers, he sees the looks they give him and hears the talk, but he finds the strength to overcome, finding agreement with others, learning to work with others again and beginning to find himself again. He has gone through much and is getting back on track. He once loved his job, and now as he is finding his work worthwhile again, he finds a new joy in working cases. Do you think you could find forgiveness after hurt? This story shows it is possible. There are many twists and turns in Roland March's life, in the lives of those around him. The characters seem so real, with such heart, just as you would expect from an officer who gives his all. This was a gift from Bethany House Publishers for its review. This book will be released in June of 2010 for your reading, and it is a read you will enjoy.


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