Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WORDS UNSPOKEN by Elizabeth Musser

My heart was opened to such wisdom, such beauty in Words Unspoken. Many times it is not the words that are spoken that hurt us the most, it is those that are left unspoken. Lissa Randall is one of main characters, she is a hurting, confused teen, who has lost her mother in an accident that she blames herself for, and through this tragedy, the relationship between her and her father is misplaced and misunderstood. Ev MacAllister comes into her life, not by chance as she thinks, but as part of God's plan of healing. He begins teaching her how to drive, but not only drive, to live again, to breath and to heal, but as he is teaching her these things, he too is learning to let go of the past and live again. This book is filled with many characters who are hurting, and trials seem to just keep attacking, but through this story we find that all these characters, although different, are much the same, and the story entwines them all together, just as God does with those in our lives. Words Unspoken will take you on a journey, that somewhere on this road you too will find yourself. As I kept reading, each chapter was pulling me in more. As I learned of each character, you opened your heart to their pain, and Elizabeth Musser brings this breathtaking adventure to us in a form that we can all relate to. God is in the business of knowing each of us, He has a plan for us, and as Lissa finds out, her traveled roads will lead her home. This book was a gift from Bethany House Publishers for its review.

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