Sunday, November 15, 2009

THIRSTY by Tracey Bateman

The title of this novel tells it all, Thirsty. We are all thirsty for something to satisfy. In Thirsty we find Nina, who is an alcoholic, she has lost her husband, children and her career to addiction. We also find Markus, a vampire, who is thirsty for more. As Nina finds herself going back to her hometown in Missouri, reconnecting with her parents, her sister, Jill (who is the sheriff), and spending a week with her daughter, Megan, she meets Jills neighbor Markus. Is he really a friend or does he hold secrets? Nina has gone through re-hab, but knows each day is a struggle to overcome her addiction. As Nina is trying to start a new life there is one in town who is taking life. Nina finds herself thirsty for a drink just as Markus, will their two worlds come together? Thirsty is a powerful, haunting story of addiction, what it can do to us and to those around us.I love how Tracey has brought the Love of Jesus into this thriller and turns the focus to Him. Tracey gives a beautiful tale of what can happen when we let go and let God. I was mesmerized by the first page. Nina unfolds bits of her past at the beginning of every chapter to give us insight to how her addiction began. This book left me longing for more. This was a gift from Multnoma WaterBrook Press for its review.


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