Sunday, November 15, 2009

TOUCHED BY A VAMPIRE by Beth Felker Jones

Through this book Beth answers many questions about the Twilight Saga. She brings a christian perspective using scripture to share about all four Twilight books. She takes each chapter and breaks them down first introducing the characters of Twilight and showing God's moral principles about love, sex, and our purpose in life. As these books thrill young readers, is it what we really want our young teens reading? Do these books shine a light for them to blossom or have a worldly view of what love really is? She is able to answer all of these questions and more. If your teen is asking to read this saga this book will give you knowledge about the truths of God's word and help you decide if this series will open our eyes to Christ or close them to what Christ has for us. This series gives a different view on what Christ teaches about love and romance, and shines a light on a very powerful worldly view of what love and romance is. This book would be wonderful for just you and your family or a small group study into this series and bring questions about what are children should be reading. This book was a gift from Multnoma WaterBrook Press for its review.


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