Monday, November 2, 2009

a morning of blessings

This morning as I hear my alarm going off, I praise the name of Jesus, for today is the day I fix my husband breakfast, pack his bag and kiss him goodbye as he leaves for work. Something that hasn't taken place for over a year! My husband has been layed off work. It has been a long year, a stressful one, and today is a new beginning. I don't think I have ever been as proud of my husband as this morning after a year of struggling, he is on his way to work with a smile on his face. We kept our faith, we knew the Lord would provide a job, the one He had waiting for him. A job with a christian boss, and friends who are also christians.This morning surely is one filled with joy. The Lord has been so good to us throughout this struggle. It has been a challenge packed with trials, but the Lord brought us through, for He knew exactly what we needed and gave when He knew the time was right. This morning I give praise all to You Lord, for providing for us when we didn't know how it was going to get done, but You made a way, You showed Yourself to us throughout this trial and our faith was strengthened by watching You take care of us. Lord, thank you for Your goodness to us. What an amazing morning, the sun is shining, our hearts are full of thanks and joy and we know without a doubt we have an awesome God who loves and provides for His children. Thank you for my husband, please protect him while he is away, and use him for Your greatness and glory~


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