Tuesday, November 3, 2009

heart condisions

Yesterday I called my mom to check on her as I do every morning. After I asked how are ya today, she didn't really respond like usual, so I began to drill her(something a daughter can only do over the phone!) She began telling me how she passed out for a few minutes, and how she fell against the wall. Hearing her words terrified me, I was on the phone right away with the doctor. I got her in to see them, and as they began running tests the doctor told us he thinks it is her heart. I could see my mom's face as the tears were about to fall from her eyes, I could see confusion and fear. This week she has to go for more tests to find out for sure what is going on. At seventy-two my mom has been through many trials, tragedies, and some have taken a piece of her heart. She has her eye problems she is dealing with, and now this. I know she feels like Job, she is wondering what did she do for all this to happen to her. I know she is scared, and she doesn't want to hurt anymore. My heart is breaking as I watch my Mother get older and watch her health deteriorate. My Mom is a woman full of love, full of compassion, full of giving, and sacrificing all she has her whole life. I don't have all the answers for my Mom, I don't even know where to begin to explain to her. I often hear people say,"Well, they are going through this because God is teaching them a lesson, or they were sinning, or they need to turn their lives over to God." Yes, some of those reasons are true, but sometimes it just happens to us even if we are living just as we should, if we are loving as we should, and if we are following God with all our hearts. We hurt because of the sin in this world, and if we have faith, the Lord will bring us through. Many of us have deteriorating hearts don't we? We become bitter, angry, hurt, exausted, troubled, selfish, mean, stubburn, we turn away from God and start living for ourselves, not giving another person a thought or a prayer. The hearts of man is changing, the hearts of man need to turn to the Lord for the Great Healer to come and change our hearts to fit who He made us to be. When our hearts are in the wrong place, when are hearts are away from God nothing is right in our lives, for our focus is in the wrong place, we need to change our focus and our attitude, living for our Savior, not man, not our wants and desires, but living a life for Christ and giving all we have to Him. Only Christ can fill our hearts with joy. He is the Great Physician that brings healing to all men who turn from their wicked ways and set their eyes upon Him. As I started thinking about my Mom, as the tears started to flow, my fears began to grow, for I do not want to lose my Mom, but I have to remind myself God is in control. He is going to take care of her here on this earth and one day in heaven. God placed our hearts in us beating, giving life to our bodies, for we cannot control our heart beat any more than we can control the circumstances that touch our lives at times. I don't mean the circumstances that come with our bad choices, but those that hit us out of left field, those that we can not reach out and change. We must believe that God has our interests at heart, and His will for our lives is to bring glory and honor to His name. There are many mean people in this world doing wrong things, but we cannot change others, only our hearts, making sure that with each beat we are living for the Lord and not our flesh. For we never know just how many beats our heart has, we never know our days, but God does, and He is going to provide, comfort, and love us all the days that we have with Him. So do you have a heart condision? Do you need to make an appointment with the heart doctor? He is in, and all you have to do is call~ Jeremiah 33:3 " Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know."


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