Monday, November 2, 2009


Piper Pickwick is one full of energy and spunk. Piper is not so proud of her family name. Just as Piper changed when she left the town of Pickwick, she too changed her name to Wick, hoping no one would ever connect her to her roots in South Carolina. She is living her life in the city, working hard, and falling in love with a young man who keeps telling her,"I am gonna have to marry you one day". As she is waiting for that one day to come she is called back home to Pickwick, North Carolina to help out with family matters concerning her Uncle Obadiah and the changing of his will. Obadiah is feeling he needs to make right what has been wrong for years and bring respect back to their family name. Just as Piper shows up at her uncles's home, she finds someone there that she is not prepared to meet, the young man claiming to be a long lost relative of Obadiah, who is also the gardener. She finds his blue eyes enchanting and more so he is finding a place in her heart. As she tries to find out who Axel Obadiah Smith is she is beginning to find out there is more to him than first thought. This book is one that holds laughter, with the funny humor that Tamara Leigh brings to life through Piper Wick, you can see yourself right there with Piper as she plows on through each challenge. Here in this little town she finds old family members, old friends who were left behind when she and her mother left the little town long ago. Piper has so much to do, but she is finding it hard to stay on track while she keeps running into the gardener with the blues eyes. Will Piper finally marry Grant Spangler, the man running for Congress, will he finally ask the words she has been waiting to hear or will the gardener, Axel Smith steal her heart? Will she find herself going back to the big city or will she stay in South Carolina? In this story you will find her quirky family members, her ability to place scripture in each twist in her journey. Leaving Carolina is full of inspiration, laughter, romance, and you see the charm that Pickwick holds as you watch these characters all come together. Piper finds herself again in this little town of Pickwick that she so much wanted to forget, now she will always hold on. This book was given to me as a gift by Multnoma for its review. Tamara Leigh is the best-selling author of twelve novals, including Perfecting Kate, award-winning Splitting Harriet, and Faking Grace. A former speech and language pathologist, Tamara lives with her husband, David, and their two sons in Tennessee.


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