Monday, November 2, 2009

LIMELIGHT by Melody Carlson

Many times in life we look at what is on the outside, what one has, and where one lives along with who one knows, and what one wears to define who we are and our success in life. In this book Claudette Fiore' finds out what really defines success and what real beauty is. Claudette came from a quiet, little town off the beaten path, but as you read this story you will see how her life changed when she feel in love and married moving away from Silverton to have a life of luxury, finding herself young and beautiful in all the appearances on the outside. As she leaves her little town as finds life in Hollywood. Claudette is almost full of herself, but life changes as her husband dies and she quickly finds out she is out of money. What must she do, but call upon her lifelong gay friend for help. He is all she has left at the moment, for she sees once her money was gone so was her life as she knew in Hollywood. Her only choice is to move back to Silverton, live in the house her mother left her and rebuild a life. During this change in her life Claudette finds beauty is the inside of person, and its not about material things. She hasn't spoken to her sister in years, but finds peace between them through stories shared of their past. She finds friendship from those she wouldn't have given the time of day in Hollywood. Silverton shows her what family, friends and love really is. This a book about aging, about looking at yourself at a young age and thinking your a beauty, but then time takes over and you no longer look twenty. Claudette struggles with this, and she finds real beauty in herself as she changes when Silverton becomes not just a place she left, but one she now calls home. This book was given to me as a gift from Multnoma for the reading and review of its contents.


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