Monday, November 2, 2009

WHAT MATTERS MOST (Diary of a Teenage Girl) by Melody Carlson

This is book no.3 in the Maya Stark collection. Maya is one of those girls you will fall in love with. One you can relate to and see yourself in her diary. Maya's life is not an easy one. She shares her fears and struggles. I would encourage any young woman to read this book and others from the series. In this sweet story Maya faces decisions, does she choose fame with a glamorous life or does she choose to be who God made her and have a normal life. As we all cross that path, Maya too must figure out what is most important in life. This was a joy to read, one that can bring you to thoughts of your own struggles as a young woman and Maya shows us just how to overcome all that life can throw at us. Maya shares her green tips of the day as she faces the mean girls of her school and faces the decision whether she should finish school early or stay in for another year. Is there a young man that will stay in her life? Will she live with her mother who is being released from prision? All things change when she figures out her the gift she has been given from God as she picks up her father's old guitar and it feels so natural in her hands. Come and see Maya blossom through her journey of struggles. This book was a gift to me from Mutnoma for the review of its contents.


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