Friday, November 27, 2009

Johnny Raincloud

Yesterday was not the best of days I have had, but through my fear came my stress, my tears and I was Johnny Raincloud, unable to see the sunshine through the clouds. I believe I was my own little cloud, for we may not be able to change each situation,but we have the power of the Lord to overcome anything. There is no storm bigger than He that He cannot calm. He may calm the storm, or He may choose to calm me in the storm. When it rains, oh how it seems to pour. You know those days, those days where the tears are right there on the breaking point, just one more word, one more thought, the tears are going to fall and never stop. Do we really get anywhere being Johnny Raincloud? Through each storm, through each hard rain, there is a beautiful bright rainbow. It didn't just get there by chance, it doesn't come everyday, it must rain first before the beauty shines through. Even though we may not see it now in the midst of a rain, but there is beauty in the rain too. For the rain washes away all the dirt, it cleans the earth, the sound can bring peace, and that rain quenches the thirst of all that God has created. I remember being small, ever so small in my little yellow rain boots, my rain coat, and splashing in the puddles, laughing through it all. I wish I was that little girl laughing through the rain today. I feel as though I have been in the rain, and the mud is knee deep, and I am stuck, trying to get out, but I have learned I am trying to hard. When we are stuck in the mud we can't fight our way out, we have to take each movement with thought, with ease, we cannot rush out, for we will only sink in deeper. When I was a kid we lived right by the river. My best friend and I would go down and walk the edge of the river banks. One day after a storm, it was too muddy, we shouldn't have been there that day, for the mud almost sucked us in. We were up to our hips in mud, and going deeper. But my best friend, he said,"Hold on, don't panic and we will be just fine." I still remember that day, his words and listening to him, being calm, we got out of that deep mud. I think God uses everything in our lives to teach us and to mold us. He knew some thirty years later I would remember that moment and really learn from it. Sometimes it takes time for us to learn all that God has for us, we cannot just see through the clouds in one day, but after the hard rain, after we have seen the glimpe of the Son, He shows us just what needs to be seen to lead us through storm. If you are in a storm today, don't be Johnny Raincloud, don't let the fear of the thunder scare you. Put on your boots, grab your raincoat, and let those drops of rain wash all your worries away as you will begin to see that beautiful rainbow~


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