Friday, November 27, 2009

can we move a little faster?

When we are in a moment in time we either want it to last forever or we want it to speed up. Just as when we are sitting in a great movie, watching each moment, living each part we want to stay right there forever in the beauty of the moment. Now, if it is a scary movie, we might want it to hurry up and get past that part, not wanting to see it we close our eyes, hold our ears and wait until we can open them again to a new scene. Life is no different. We want to hurry through the hard parts and stay forever in the sweet ones. We cannot change time, we cannot make it move faster and we cannot slow it down. God is the Father of time and all things happen in His timing not ours. We have those situations when we are praying ceasingly, we are asking for a miracle, we are asking for more time, we are asking God to interviene on our behalf, and it seems as though time is standing still as we are waiting for those prayers to be answered. I know when I am in the midst of a migraine, the pain is overwhelming and can last for weeks, only to bring me to my lowest point of just wanting it to end. I beg for God to take it away. There are those times when they come and go, but in those times they seem to last I know the Lord is right there with me, taking each breath with me and He is giving me the strength to get through, and not just to get through but to overcome. Time is something none of us can quite understand.We have the birth of a beautiful life, and we have the death of loved ones, but there can be beauty in that moment also if we have accepted Christ as our Savior, for in that moment of our last breath we are with Jesus. I remember being a teenager wanting time to go so fast so I could be on my own, but then as my daddy was dieing of cancer I was begging for time to stand still, for time to not move, but just let us be in that moment forever, to let me see his smile and his laugh forever. I now wish I could go back in time, just one more day, one more hour, one more minute to make right all the things I did wrong, but time doesn't work like that. We are not time travelers, we cannot make the world turn faster, or slow it down. We must learn to take each and every moment for what it is, see each moment of life as a blessing no matter where we are or what we are doing. For God is the only One who understands time. For He placed time in the bible, our whole timing system is built on Him,His life and death. but we try so hard to turn that around and build it upon how we want things to work and to move. He is the hands on our clock, He is the creator of all, for all the good things come from Him, and in the bad, He is able to use every situation for His glory and honor. There are those days I wish I was still in the back yard playing with my kids when all seemed to be perfect, to see the look in my daughters eyes over something that brought great joy, to see my son get excited for every holiday to come only now to have lost that joy. To see the beauty in the eyes of my step daughter as she walked down the aisle, only to walk away from my daughter as she took those very steps. In time mistakes come but we cannot go back in time and correct each one, for we must learn to move with the time, not taking it for granit, but enjoying each moment given by God, by His grace. So as we move forward with time, we must release the past, we must move from those mistakes with the grace that our Lord Jesus has given us. I have another daughter who is going to walk down that aisle, I want to be there to see her in all her beauty. I wish my mother could go back in time and have her sight, her health, but even though those things have passed, her beauty is even brighter than before. God has a purpose and a plan for us all, in His time. We must learn to stop fighting time, stop fighting was has been and what is to come for with the grace of God we can enjoy every moment if we will just learn to let go of our own selfish desires, if we can learn to accept those we love, not be afraid to show the love we so have in our hearts. I am ready Lord to move forward, I am ready to let go, but I need You to lead the way, to set the pace and to place me on Your course, giving me Your compass and Your sweet Spirit to guide me through with love and forgiveness. Today is a new day, a bright sunny day, so Lord what shall it be? Whatever You have for me Lord, I want to take each moment and live it for You, bringing You glory and honor in all I do~


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