Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a mistake or a lesson?

Just a few days ago I had to run to the store. As I was walking down the color aisle I noticed a pretty color, picked up the box and wondered, "Hum should I try it?" As a stylist myself I should know better by now to pick out color from the store. You always see the picture on the front and think to yourself, "Wow, that will look great on me." Only to discover it doesn't! You look nothing like the girl on the box, and no ones hair colors the same, and ladies, it never turns out like it looks on the box. So here I am with my new color, my latest color I should say. I even placed it on facebook as a reminder of my mistake, so I can look at everyday and remember never to do that again! A mistake is only a mistake if you haven't learned a great lesson from it. Well, I have to say, this was a mistake for me, for I have done this so many times now I should know much better. I have a great stylist, and to add to that she is my awesome friend and neighbor. Guess who I called when I looked into the mirror and thought, "What in the world did I do to myself?" Yes, I called my friend for advice, and ya know the best advice there was? "Your hair grows fast, and fads fast, so just give it time." I thought to myself I do not want to give it time, I want to change it now! But aren't our mistakes like this? We make a doosy, and then when we see the after affects, we want a fast cure, a fix, a re-do, and ya know, the best thing sometimes is to think upon it, give it time and pray for strength to never do it again. The amazing thing with God is that when we do make a mistake, He forgives with His grace and He gives us all we need to overcome. For me, I just have to stop walking down the color aisle. I have to stop thinking Im not good enough the way I am so I need a change. There are many lessons to learn here if we can just think upon it, and soak it in really good, and soon our mistake if we are wise turns in to lessons learned. Some of our lessons are those that take more than one mistake to get it, some come and we learn right away, some come and they effect the rest of our lives. We are not perfect as Jesus, we cannot be, but we can strive to be, we can think upon His word daily, and go to Him before we make a desision about anything? Just as I need to stay clear of the color aisle I am sure there is a place that tempts you also. When we know those temptations, when we know they catch us off guard, we must be strong in the Lord to walk away, don't even walk close by, run in the other direction, run to wisdom and safety in God's word. I have washed my hair probably twenty times now, and I will wash some more, just as we constantly have to be washed of our sins, daily we sin, daily we struggle with something, so instead of repeating the mistake, may we go to the Lord in prayer right when we feel the temptation and He will guide us in His path, not the color aisle~


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