Monday, October 12, 2009

what would we do without them?

What would we do without our girfriends? Those girls who you can go to with anything, for anything, and know without a doubt they are going to lift you up! If its cloudy outside, just give your girlfriend a call and she will have the sun shining in your heart before you know it. If your hurting, give one a call and she will pray with ya right there and then. If you are in need, just pick up the phone and she will be right there no matter what. That is what we do, that is who we are, and it is a gift from the Lord. I am blessed with a few of those great girlfriends who enhance my life and give me treasures to hold on to. Its funny that each one is different, each one has her own personality, but together we can be so much more. Life without your girlfriends would not be as exciting, as daring, or as loving. There is so much to do, so much to say, and so much to give to each other, that its great to have those girls that you know are with you for a lifetime. A girlfriend can give ya a hug and you know she loves you, a girlfriend can protect ya against coming attacks and at times yourself. With their wisdom, you can hear their words in your head even when they are not there with you. When your up late at night and can't sleep, when things are going wrong in your day and ya wanna just scream just call your one of your girls and they will help ya through the night, the day, and won't let ya pull your hair out. You can share a coffee with a girlfriend, share a hamburger on fun day, and open your heart to feel the warmness of their love. Girlfriend is one magic word that holds alot of meaning in just one simple word. Girlfriends love, they forgive, and they are with ya until the end no matter what. If they are true girlfriends, they are honest and will tell ya when your outfit just aint workin for ya, they will tell ya to leave a temptation alone, and they will pray for you to grow with Christ and they too will walk with ya whether its up a mountain or through the valley, they will be by your side. I am blessed beyond measure to have a full life complete with the girlfriends that God has placed in my life. Whether you have one or ten, if your lucky enough to have one good one, you are blessed for life!


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