Monday, October 12, 2009

what are you hungry for?

What are you hungry for today? In our country today we know those who are hurting, and hungry, but we really don't understand what it is to go to bed hungry at night, yes, some do, but not like other countries. In other countries they do have hunger for food, they are sick, weak and need of nourishment, but here, in our country, in our cities, in our hometowns, there are people hurting and hungry for much when they lay their head upon their pillow at night. We can have a hunger for love, for companionship, forgiveness, for a child, we have a hunger for healing from our pain, for a job to care for our family, we hunger for many different things. Although we are hungering for different things, that hunger is still the same, we are hungry for something to make us feel whole, to make us feel loved, to make us feel as though we have a purpose in life. We hunger to feel special, we are people who need to be needed and wanted. We may hunger for our addictions to stop, for the anger to end, for the pain of our past to be forgotten. For so many today we know there is an empty spot that needs to be filled, I call it our God spot. No one can fill that spot except for Him. I know as I was in my teen years, especially when my father was dying I hungered for so much, I was searching for something to fill me, to take away my pain, to make all around me right. For me I searched in many places, and the more I searched the more I hungered, and the more I hungered the more I found myself in places that instead of feeding me, I was feeding it. I was giving of myself in order to feel love, I was sacrificing who I was to try to find peace, to find something that made me feel whole again. When we have a loss, we want to replace it, but when your heart is hurting so badly, its not like replacing a lost puppy, nothing seems to satisfy. It wasn't until after my daughters were born, until I met the man of my life, that he began showing me all that I had been searching for. It wasn't him, it wasn't the love of my children, it was Jesus who I was looking for. We also need nurishment, we need food to fill us and that is Jesus. He had already found me, and was knocking on my door, trying to gain my attention, but I didn't have my eyes upon Him, they were upon myself, looking for what I thought I needed, but He had something so much better than what I ever imagined could be given, and to make me feel whole. It was when I was sitting in church one day, holding my son, and Jesus just spoke to me, as I handed my son to my husband, with tears in his eyes, he knew I finally understood what I had been searching for. I gave my heart to Jesus that day and two weeks later right before Thanksgiving I was baptised. That day I allowed Jesus into my heart was the day my life changed forever. I though didn't change overnight, the Lord has been changing me for eighteen years now, and is still showing me just who He wants me to be. I could stop searching for this world to fill a spot in my heart that could not be filled by anyone or anything else, but Jesus. I still stumble when pain comes, whent the hurt is all too real and still get lost in my way, thinking from my hurting heart that maybe buying myself a new purse, shopping for new shoes can make my day better and take the pain away. There were even months that I could read a book a day trying to get lost in another place, another life and another time. Ya know, for awhile, for a few hours it seems to work, but it only covered up what was real, for me to look other places for comfort and healing only takes me right back to Jesus, the Great Comforter, the Great Healer of all. He is who makes me feel whole, to feel special, and to know He created me for a purpose to fulfill His will just blows me away. In Jesus we can find shelter, we can find strength, hope, and healing. We don't have to keep feeding our hunger with the things of this world, because this world has nothing to satisfy us, its only momentary, then the hunger is back, but with Jesus He can restore what has been taken, He can bring peace to a heart that is hurting. In our youth we search for those things to make us whole, in our adulthood, in our growth with Christ we come to understand what that hunger is and just how it can be filled. It can be a day to day search, but we can stop today and find that Jesus fills all we need. We cannot find who we are in our children, our husband, or our job. We cannot find satisfaction in people or things to make us feel whole. It is not the people of this world or the things in it that define who we are, it is Jesus and Him alone who defines who we are in Him. Whether we are rich or poor we all have hunger, we just need to realize who can end that hunger inside us. Once we realize Jesus is who we are looking for, its Him who can fill that God spot, He will begin to change us and mold us, and make us feel whole just by being a child of God. In John 6 we can read about the feeding of the 5,000 men and who can only imagine how many women and children with just five loaves of bread and two fish. Can you imagine being there that day, and seeing all those who were hungry being fed, and having left overs? How strong is your faith? When we place our faith in Christ and trust Him with all we have, He will provide for us all that we need. Jesus is not called the Bread of life for nothing. Bread is a staple in our lives, we break bread together to share, to bond friendships and to be fed. Jesus can feed us, His word is the bread on which we need to live by, and with His word, with His love, He gives all we need to live on. We can all relate to hunger, we are hungry for more than this world can give, so why do we keep searching when Jesus is right here to satisfy all our needs. Look no further, look to Jesus today, give Him your heart, and allow Him to fill you and make you whole.


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