Monday, October 12, 2009

are you tipping the scales?

Went to the doctor the other day, and you girls know one of the first things they make you do is stand on the scales. Ugh, this is so dramatic for me. I usually take off my shoes, my coat, lay my purse down(which God only knows just how much that ways alone) and I shed everything I possibly can before I step on. Then once I'm on the nurse is in such a hurry to whiz that little thingy across the numbers, I often tell them they are going way too fast. I think they need to slow down a bit and take their time, shave off some pounds for all the stuff you couldn't take off, and allow you to smile while you are there sick. Why add to your stress by having you stand on scales that are going to tell you, um, you gotta stop eating so many brownies girl! A sweet friend says, it only brings up your blood pressure, so next time I am either going to step on with my eyes closed or just refuse to get on, after all its not a fun ride at the park. Its funny, I always walk away shaking my head, telling them just how wrong those scales are and they should invest in some new ones. They are not very compassionate while you are getting weighed either. Once your on, its almost like they enjoy the pain they are giving, and then they shout out your weight, they don't whisper it to you, they want everyone to know in the office just how much you weigh! To be honest, you know that if its a little tiny thing, and you step up there, she is thinking, ha, you weigh more than me, or if its a bigger girl, she is lookin at you like, get off that thing girl before I scream at ya. The scales can be tramatic for us girls. If my husband stands on one, who really cares? I know he doesn't, he does not step off that scale thinking, oh my Lord, I have to stop eating so much, my thighs are getting too big! I don't think men quite understand the power of the scale, and how powerless we feel while standing on it. So my question is why? Why do we let this bother us so badly? I am never going to be a size 3 again in my lifetime, it just isn't going to happen, and try as I might, this girl is not about starving herself, although I have tried, but after a day, this girl is gonna eat. Is it that we are unhappy with how we look or feel, or are we comparing ourselves to others? We see all the glamor on the red carpet, the beautiful pictures of girls half our age and think we want to look like that. We see billboards with skinny girls, beautiful hair styles and we want the look, we want the style, the clothes, I think we just want to feel beautiful, we want our husbands to think we are beautiful. Aging is not easy for women, and I am sure men go through their own ordeals with age, but woman want to be told they are beautiful even if they have a huge zit on their forhead for all to see. See, I look at my friends and all I see is beauty. I see the beauty in their eyes, their smile, and their hearts. I never look at other woman a big or small, that is just something I haven't done in my life. But to me, its a different story, I don't see myself as others do, I see myself as different as night and day. People love to joke with me about how much I eat, and it is funny, but I really don't eat that much, and some would say, girl, what are you talking about, your small, but when I am being honest, that is not how I feel about me. As women we struggle so much with how we looked when we were young, how we look today, and what happens when we get older, what then? Women are beautiful, God created women to hold such a beauty that many times words cannot express. Beauty begins on the inside of a girl, and it flows outward. When we are living for Jesus, when we are living right, walking with Him each day, His beauty shines through us. So are tipping the scales today? Too many times we try to live on both sides, we allow the world in and we want, desire, and think we need all that is out there to make us look beautiful, or we can be on the other side of the scale and think we are just too beautiful to walk the earth, we think we have it all, and no one can compare to who we are. Either side of that beauty scale is wrong, we have to find our way to the middle, knowing that God created in us beauty that nothing this world has to offer can add or take away. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and ladies, God is the beholder of our beauty. He made each of us just as He wanted, with His hands He formed us, placed in us a beauty that can only be traced back to Him and His design, we are one of a kind, we are priceless items that cannot be bought, because Christ already paid our ransom. Girls, those scales can be deceiving, they can trick us into thinking we are not good enough or they can trick us into thinking we are better than the girl standing next to us. Where are you on that scale today? God created us all equal, all beautiful and each one of us is unique to Him, we have something that no one else has. We don't have to try to be someone else, lets find out who we are in Christ and be who He made us to be. Today in your quiet time read Proverbs 31, it will tell us the kind of women we need to strive to be and with Jesus, we can be all He designed us to be~


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