Monday, October 12, 2009

give it away

We have something in us so special that was put there by our loving God who created us, our heart. Our heart is not meant to be kept locked up, but shared with others. When we share our heart, we share a piece of who God is, and show the world love. Sometimes it is hard to give it away, to share, because many times no matter how much we give away we may never get love in return. But isn't that what Christ did upon the cross? He gave all He had while others were mocking Him, hurting Him, and turning their backs upon Him, but although He had those who turned away from His love, He still gave all for us. He is our example for giving love, for giving our heart to others. We must learn to give without receiving, without expecting something in return. Many times, that love just doesn't come, the phone call you have been waiting on, the hug from the one you love, that great holiday that you so want to share never comes. You wait, and wait, with a loving, praying heart, you keep a hope alive that one day, one day they will see and understand just how much you love them, but for now your love has to be enough to get you through, the hope in Jesus will lead you each day. Sometimes the more we give, the less we get in return, but love isn't about what we can gain, its all about what we can give. As our blood pumps throughout our body it comes back to the heart and begins all over again, our heart is what keeps us alive, but that heart is the hardest working organ in our body, it just keeps pumping, keeps beating even when we are not aware. What if we were in charge of our hearts, making them beat just as they need to? We couldn't do it, we would die in a days time, but the amazing thing is that God created our hearts to keep beating, to keep giving to our body all that it needs. Jesus keeps giving, He keeps going just as He did that day upon the cross for all of us. He doesn't leave our side, His love remains. Our love for others is a reflection of our love for Christ. Its easy to love those who are close to you, but its much harder to love those who are against you, who are hurting you, there are those times when it hurts to love, for just because we are giving love, doesn't mean we will receive it back joyfully. So what do you do? You keep loving, you keep your arms open wide, and you keep your hope alive in Christ, for without Him there is no love, His love is the greatest of all love, for He is the giver who keeps giving when those around Him keep lieing about Him, they mock all He has done and will do, they look upon Him with hate, but one day, they will see that He never gave up, that He continued to love and to give. Love is not give and take, love is giving, simple as that. In order to take you must first give, and give with open hands, with a love moving through us that only Christ could have placed there. When those we love hurt us, it doesn't mean we stop loving them, it means we get on our knees and we pray, we pray for God to move, to make Himself known, and for His love to cover all. Those three little words, "I love you" mean so much, within those words is our heart. Its not just hearing those words, its living out what love really is. Love is a verb, it is an action, and with a action verb, that means to literally act, to give, to move. We can't just say the word to one, without having action to back it up. Love is not a cheap trinket bought in a machine for a quarter, its value is more costly than gold, its value cannot have a price upon it. Where is your heart today? Is there someone you are loving with all you have and your not receiving that love in return? Jesus never told us that love would be easy, sometimes it is giving all you have, just as Christ did for us. His love covered our sins, His love brought us life and His love keeps on giving whatever the cost. I know the pain of loving without having it returned to you, it is a pain that runs deep, it cuts like a knife right into your being, but I have learned you don't give up, you don't stop loving, because its not about us, its all about Jesus and what He did for me and for you, so for me to stop something He began would be not only hurtful to me, but to Him, the One who gave all, He gave all so we could have love, that we could understand what real love is, and how to give it. So wherever you are today, whatever your heart is feeling, let it go, let God's love move through you to touch others. Love can heal all wounds, it can bring us closer, and its love that will one day take us home.


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