Thursday, October 15, 2009

straight to Him

It doesn't matter what is behind you or what it is to come, we can stand upon the mountain with God, for us to get to that glorious mountain, we first must go through the valley, but we must always remember God is there with us with each step we take. Our journey is a long one, it a bumpy road sometimes, but through our travels we take many roads, but if we are following Christ our road will take us straight to Him. Remember when you were a kid and you did those dot to dots? It may be hard for us to connect all the dots in our journey, but with Jesus, He can show us the way, He can show which dots go where, and there are those times when we sit back and say "Wow, I see now just where He has taken me, and where He is sending me." When we start connecting our dots, we can go the wrong route, but just as we when we were kids, we didn't just give up, we erased that mark, and we started all over, we kept our eyes open, we kept our eyes on the mark, so we got back on track and finished, we made it to the end, and didn't it feel good when we completed it? Just as it feels good now to know we are on the right path, that our dots are connecting with Christ's. Although we are not complete yet, He is still working with us, He is still connecting all those dots, and when He is finished it will be a masterpiece, a design all of His own, and just think, He used us to make something beautiful, something meaningful in our walk with Him. In our travels we come across many people, we have the chance to bless many, just as we are blessed by those who cross our path. Each day brings changes in our life, each day brings blessings, as well as tears, but through all God can bring us joy, and peace. We should have the attitude to tell God to bring us anything that brings Him glory. No matter what fire we must go through, if it will bring others to Him through our suffering and trials, we should allow Him to move through us. It is through that fire that we are refined, it is when all that is not pure comes out, so the beauty of the Lord can shine through. Our trials humble us, they allow us to see just how weak we are, and how strong He is. For us to reach others, we first have to begin with us, we don't have to worry about connecting the dots, Jesus will do that for us when we keep our eyes upon Him. When we get confused, when we forget our path, and when our paths become unclear to us, all we have to do is go to the Lord and He will point us in the right direction. If we can keep our minds clear of the clutter, if we can clean out the cobwebs, and take us out of the picture, He can begin to shine, and those dots, well, they seem to glow, just as that North Star did so long ago. God has been connecting the dots since His birth, and He will continue to connect them for us if we just let Him take the lead.


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