Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yes, STDS have taken over our country, our youth, our adults, and it effects your life forever! We tend to look all across the land for things that we seem to think will quiet our hunger that we have so deep inside. We search high and low for things to fulfill us, to make us feel whole, to make us feel loved, to make us feel safe, to make us feel anything, anything other than what we feel now. There are times we try to cover up the pain, the past, and all we end up doing is making matters worse. Just as we cannot just cover up old paint, without scraping off the old, we cannot cover up our sins with more, we must clean them up, wash them, and renew them with fresh. Seek The Divine Savior! What if we replaced those words in that meaning of STDS with Seek The Divine Savior? If we seek Him, we will finally be in the right place, the place where He wants us to be, the place where we will feel real love, real peace, real comfort, we will feel safe, and we will hunger no more for what the world has for us. We will not have to look any further than our Savior, the One who loves us like no other. The only One who can save us, who we can trust with all we have will set us free of this world, of the sin, the temptations, and He will set us free of ourselves, sometimes our own worst enemy. I have to tell you I have been there. I have spent time searching, looking for love, looking for safety, looking for a feeling that would make me feel special, feel as though I was the only one, and I found that, I found it in Jesus Christ. As women we often look to men to make us happy, to fulfill something special in us, we look to our children to make us feel needed, we look to our jobs to define us, we look everywhere to have the need filled that no one other than Jesus can fill for us. When we decide to seek Him, He will change our lives, He will bless us, and make us feel as though we were His only child, He will give us every comfort, every peace, and the love that we have searched for our whole lives. We can change this world, we can change it one at a time, if we will stop looking to the world for our love and all we desire, and turn our eyes upon our Savior, trusting in Him, believing in Him, and opening our hands up to Him with all we have and with all we need. He will supply each need, He will supply our love, enough love that we can take that love and spread it to others so they too can see who He is. Stop living for this world, stop searching for this world to give us peace and love, all this world has for us is empty promises, and pain for our searching in the wrong places. Seek The Divine Savior today and allow Him to set you free! Psalm 63:1 "O God,You are my God; Early I will seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. So I have looked in You in the sanctuary, to see Your power and Your glory."


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