Thursday, October 1, 2009

theres more to life than being on the go

Today everyone you meet is on the go constantly. Do we ever slow down? We seem to think the more we do, the more we accomplish. Well, the more we do, the more there is to do. We never really get finished with cleaning the house, mowing the yard, tilling the garden, bathing the kids, feeding the dog, doing school, homework, writing papers, doing all our job is asking, plus more. We not only do all for our families, for church, for our school, for our communtity, but we seem to be involved in so much, that it is hard for the American family to sit down at the kitchen table and have dinner together. As a kid, I remember my mom having dinner on the table as soon as my dad walked through the door from his hard day at work. I remember her taking time for us, to show us love through making the best meals for us ever. Some of the best memories I have are at our dinner table, thats where I got my look at life as a teenager from the viewpoint of my dad who worked since he was thirteen years old. I heard stories of his day, but for a teen at times I was so involved in me, that I really didn't pay much attention, until it was too late, and then my questions couldn't be answered, he was gone. As we are traveling at ninety miles per hour daily to get all accomplished, what is it really for? Who is really for? Our gain, or for our Jesus? We don't have have to go as fast as we can for Jesus, He isn't timing us, He isn't impressed with all we can do, He wants to see us excel in all He has given and take time to enjoy every minute. Its not what we are doing for Him, or just how much, but its the purpose, its the joy we have in what He has given us to do, its not living each day in a rush, and finding we don't have time to even share with a friend, to take the time to talk with our daughter, or rub our husband's feet. I think we continue to miss the point. Our lives do not become fuller with the more we do, or how busy we stay. Our lives become fuller with each moment we share, we love, we give, we communicate with one another. Our lives our full when we are living for Christ and letting Him shine through us, and many times we can get so caught up in rushing that we miss opportunities to live for Him, and to allow Him to live through us. As I was driving home from the store today along our country road, the changing leaves were blowing across the road, the trees were swaying, and it was simply beautfiul. Just a few moments in the quiet, watching the leaves become swept across my sight brought me to praise God for His glory. When we become too busy, we can lose sight in the small things to us that really make God look mighty, big. A kiss from your little one, to read a book before bed, to see the laughter on your child's face from playing a game, to seeing your pet wiggle across the floor, happy to see your face after a long day away. I too was caught up in the rush of things when our children were young. Going from game to game, to this party to another, from here to there, all was a rush, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning seemed to overtake my time, along with school, so much had to be done, but some things were of choice, some things could have waited, some things weren't so important to get finished right now. In our lives we seem to understand the meaning of slowing down when we are older, when our children are almost out of the nest, and the quietness takes over. Its then that we see all rush of things, and how we wish we would have slowed down and enjoyed each moment a little more. God has a purpose and plan for each of us, for me, He isn't rushing me, He isn't pushing me to do more, each day He sends me where I need to go, and gives me what I need to accomplish His will if I only listen. For me, I need to listen to Him more, and the world a little less, alot more less really. Life is so sweet, life is so precious, and it passes by so quickly. Don't be in such a rush, let your eyes catch the beauty of the falling leaves, let your heart feel the love of another, and take the time to listen and to share. Take the time to sit down with your son and just laugh until you find yourself crying from the fun. Let God wash over you, let go of all the business, let go of all the rushing, and you'll find God still right there by your side, and you will find more joy, more laughter, and more patience. Life teaches us many lessons and one of the most important is to slow down, and enjoy each moment of the life that Christ so willingly gave us. Enjoy it for His glory and let His blessings fall down upon you. Psalm 145:1-3 "I will extol You, my God, O King; And I will bless You, and I will praise Your name forever and ever. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable."


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