Friday, October 9, 2009

the praise is all His

"Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise." Psalm 48:1 As I lay in bed this morning listening to the rain it brings soothing thoughts, it brings calmness to my heart. We can look around and find bad all around us, we can take each circumstance that comes and look at it with regretful eyes, or we can change those thoughts, our attitude and give praise to God for all that is good in our lives and around us, for what we do have and what we will have to come. Satan would love nothing better for if each time a trial came we turned our eyes away from God and toward other things, like filling our hearts with anger and hate. We can't change every circumstance that comes, but we can change the way we look at it, we can think possitive instead of being negative all the time. For all that touches us there is a reason, and God has those answers, we need to trust in Him, knowing He has all in control, even when to us it looks pretty glum. As I have been sick all week, and have been in bed, not going anywhere, what if there was a reason I just didnt know about? What if God was protecting me from something else, and He was keeping me home for my protection? See, God sees the whole picture when see only see glimpses. He knows just where we have been and just where we are going. He wants us to follow Him, but He even knows when we are going to turn astray from Him, He doesn't leave us, He is still there trying to bring us back into His fold. If we allow every circumstance to change us for the worse, our outcome just might me a little different than what God had in mind. He does allow things to touch us, some of those times we understand why, and sometimes we don't know right away or even after a long time, but maybe, just maybe it has touched others around us. For everything that touches us, touches someone else in some way, shape or form. We just need to keep our faith, keep our hope alive, and trust our mighty Savior with all we have. He deserves all the praise for all the good in this world, in our lives, and when we open our eyes, turn them off of us, we can begin to see all the good He is doing, even when its cloudy out, and the rain is falling, those clouds and the rain have their purpose also, we just need to adjust our view of things, and let God do His work in us. Today give Him all the praise He so greatly deserves, for if it were not for Him, we would still be lost, but for His grace we were found by the greatest love there is.


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