Wednesday, October 7, 2009

feeling loved

The past few days I have been in bed, so has my son. We have been in bed feeling very bad, curled up with Daisy, with the televison remote, a book, and our angel of mercy who is without a doubt my husband who has been here taking care of us. He has gone to the store, got medician, did the dishes, made the beds, and has taken care of the house. He has brought me fountain sodas and moon pies to try to make me feel better. Although I still feel bad, I felt my heart tugging to come and write. I rememeber being young and sick, for me as my friends know there is always something wrong with me, and its never just something simple, its always something totally off the wall, well that just didn't begin yesterday, my whole childhood was like that. But what I remember more than being sick, is my mom being there every step of the way. I remember laying on the couch, watching cartoons, having my drink there, with lots of ice chips, soup and she would try to make everything there was to cook to make me feel better, just as my husband has done this week. I remember her tucking me into the covers and watching over me all night while I was coughing and had a fever. I remember her touching my cheek with her soft hand, and I know she was praying to God to heal me and to watch over me. Its not quite until you grow up yourself and your sick in bed that you really remember all that your mom and dad did for you. Its when you have children of your own that you remember all the sacrifices that your mom and dad made for you just the same. My mom gave all she had to me, she gave when she was tired, she gave because she loved her little girl, and still does today, only today I take care of my mom now when she is sick. Never thought the table would turn, but for me, I love my mom and taking care of her is a blessing. When we take care of those we love, we are showing so much of our hearts, we are giving all we have for the one we love. There has never been a time in the last eighteen years that my husband hasn't taken care of me. While my head was hurting so badly this week, he would lay and stroke my hair, touch my head just where he knew it hurt. He knows just how scared I get when my head hurts, he seems to know just about all he needs to know about taking care of me, because he is a gift of love. I have been blessed to have others take care of me when I need them, just as my mom, and my husband are there and have been there, my sweet friends are there too, they know who they are, they are the ones who call and check on me, send me messages and make me laugh. To have others love you is a gift from heaven, a touch of who God really is. I seem to have picked up my mother's habits, as I take care of my son, feeling his head for a temperature, making sure he is covered up at night and praying over him with all my heart. I hope one day, he will see just how much I love him, just as my mom loved me when I really needed her. I pray my husband knows just how much I love him for all he does. I am a mercy, when others are hurting, I too am hurting for them. I know that came from Christ, but I also know it was passed to me from my mom, the one who showed me just what mercy is. When we feel so bad, all we want to do is to feel better, to rest, and I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband to care for each of my needs, and even throws in there special things that he knows I love. I think whenever I feel the weakest is when God shows me the most. I can't say there is beauty in my migraine, but there is certainly beauty all around me by those who love and support me and to you I say thank you, for your sweet blessings touch my heart.


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