Sunday, October 25, 2009

the mirror

Do you ever look into the mirror and not know who you are looking at? Is that image distorted? Is it not what we want to see? There are those days I have looked in the mirror and wondered who was looking back at me. There are those days I don't like what I see, its like I am seeing a jaded view of what is to be there. When we look in the mirror we are to see Jesus there, not ourselves. There should be so much more of His reflection than ours. Sometimes we try to disguise our pain, we try to wear a mask, we try to hide from the truth, but the mirror doesn't lie, it shows what is really there, and at times it can be hurtful to take a good long look, but that is exactly what we should do everyday. If we are not looking at ourselves, checking ourselves, we might find ourselves not showing Jesus in our reflection. He should be the spotlight in our lives, not our deeds, not our beauty, not our wants and desires, too many times those are the very things that begin to distort our view, and the mirror shows us what is really there. We might go and get the cleaner to try to clean that mirror so we can see clearly, but it is showing all it needs to, we are the ones who need cleaning, we are the ones who need amazing grace to cleanse us, so when we look in the mirror all we see is Jesus, His love and grace. Some are fearful to look in the mirror, for we are afraid of what we will see, what need to change in order for Jesus to shine through, but we must not allow that fear, that pride roar in us like a lion, we must remain humble, we must be willing for God to clean us, but we must see it for ourselves, we must see all the dirt there blocking the reflection, we must let go and let God change us, let Him open our eyes to allow our vision to see what is before us, a sinner in need of forgiveness, a sinner in need of grace, in need of change, in need of a Savior. We may see ourselves one way, while those around us have a different view, but the view that is important is the view Jesus has of us. What is your mirror showing this morning? Are you hiding, are you pretending, or maybe your puffed up? We should be living so that our lives our a sweet sound of Jesus, that our reflection shows all of Him, for when He is shining forth, that mirror is showing truth, love, mercy, forgiveness. A mirror can bring forth praise to God, for if our lives are a reflection of Him, then we are living in such a way that the Holy Spirit is free to move through us to touch others. Let Jesus be shown in your life today, let His reflection become you~ Psalm 149:9 "The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works."


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