Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lord, help me find my way out

Everyday there seems to be some kind of battle attacking us. Battles come in many different forms and they reach us all. We may not see eye to eye with our husband, our child may be sick, we might find ourselves jealous, we find our minds wandering off to a path of their own that leads us to destruction. We may be at opposing sides with our children, the world may be speaking to us, calling us to live out our flesh, forgetting the Holy Spirit. Temptation finds us all, we may be alone or with a group, but temptation will always be something we battle daily. It is something we need God's strength for, we need God's word to teach us, to lead us in His path. We take our walk with Him, but there are those days, we seem to get lost, we lose sight of where we are going, and in our darkest hours we fall into sin, we stop fighting the temptation and allow the sin to control us. We might be thinking, its just one sin, its okay, but then two come, then three, and now you have moved far away from the truth, and are set on a course of destruction. In our moments of living in our sin, in bathing in it, satan deceives us, and we begin to listen and soon our lives become sin, just as we get use to a dirty smell over time, it doesn't bother us so much, our sin is the same way. We become so use to living in sin, we get use to the fame, the friends, the money, the men, the food, all that this world gives, that we are lost so deeply in ourselves, now it hurts too much to face Jesus, we think, by satan's deceiving that we have too much to give up, satan lies to us and tells us we don't need Jesus, and soon we feel too ashamed to go to Jesus. But satan is the king of lies, the king of deceiving us, and we must remember we can always go to Jesus, we can always go home, we can always find forgiveness in the love of Christ. See, we can live so long in our sin, that our eyes become jaded, our mind begins to think on its own, and our hearts begin to seek what we are not finding to satisfy us, so we keep digging deeper into sin, but there is a way out, there is a King of Kings who loves us more than anything. We can go to Him at any moment, shout out His name and He will come, He will wash us clean, He will give us the strength to fight all those temptations, He will guide us in leaving that life of sin, He will redeem us, He will provide a ram, He will remind us of the cross and all He gave for our freedom in Him. He didn't die so we could have freedom in sin, freedom in this world, but freedom from it. A few days ago my son and I were driving to town, as we were on our way we passed a dog on the side of the road. He looked tired, worn and hungry. On our way home he was there again, looking, seeking for food, for help, he was lost and alone. That poor dog had a look of pain on his face, that just seemed to say,"Help me". My son begged me to take this dog home, to give him a home and love. But I said,"No Jake, we can't take home every animal we see that is lost, we would have a whole house full." God spoke to me through my words, through my hurt for this animal. I could hear Him say," I would never leave one, I would go after that one and make a home for him. I will love all that come to Me and make a home for them that is overflowing with love". Jesus loves us, He sees when we are getting off our path, He is our compass forever pointing straight to Him. He doesn't leave us, we leave Him, but for that amazing grace, He will open His arms, love us and wash us with His forgiveness. Where are you stuck today? Is there something your struggling with? Is there a temptation that you are fighting? Jesus can set us free, and set us on the right path if we will humble ourselves and go to Him, with a faith that can move mountains. He will bring redemption, He will bring forth a strength bigger than even Samson knew. We fight battles, there is no big or small, sin is sin that satan has set before us to destroy us. Even a small bomb can kill thousands, it can destroy nations. One sin leads to another and soon we are blind to the sin before us. Jesus may give us room, He did give us freedom to choose, we don't have to choose His way, but there is no greater way, there is no richer way or a way that will bring more blessings and praise for His name. Whether gossip, gambling, pride, lieing, stealing, endulging ourselves in things that make us feel good, seeking glorification for ourselves, there are too many temptations to state, but we them all too well, Jesus knows them and He can give us what we need to fight the battles before us, so are you ready to humble yourself and face the truth? Jesus loves us, gave His life for us, He is there, He is knocking, why not answer today, and see your life change before your eyes? Live today with the Holy Spirit leading you, live today, right now at this moment with all Jesus has for you. Surrender to Him, and He will bless your life, and you will have a home eternal with Him, so what are waiting for? This world and satan has only lies to give you, to steal your joy away, to make your chains even tighter, find peace, find joy, find strength and grace in our Lord Jesus today, may He set you free~ Romans 3:23-26 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God set forth as a propitation by His blood, through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed, to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus."


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