Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the meaning of pink

If you yourself have not been touched by breast cancer, than you most likely know someone who has, or is fighting for their lives right now. Breast cancer stretches across our globe, touching everyone by one way or another. Each woman fears those words, each woman prays it never reaches her. For every woman out there we do our self breast exams, we feel for lumps, a differant feeling, and we go for those dreaded mammograms for our protection. Our church and our community has been touched by breast cancer, there are several ladies at our church who are battling this disease that tries to rob all you have. Although I cannot fathom, in no way can I understand what these ladies have gone through, but my heart and my prayers have been faithful to them. You see, me watching these ladies battle cancer has taught me so much. I see their hope, their faith, their strength in Christ, the will to keep fighting, and in their trial they so have taught us how we should be in the midst of pain and hurt. They haven't turned away from Christ, they have run to Him, they have shown a sweeter walk with the Lord, and they have shared so much with us. Some have chosen to wear wigs, and others have chosen not to, and ya know, they each look beautiful. As women we fear of losing our hair, but these ladies have shown such a beauty that is far past our hair, it is a beauty that runs deep, it is a beauty that Christ has placed in them. To get their treatments, to go through surgery, and to face an enemy that wants to steal your life, these women have shown Christ's strength through their adversity. They have their ups and downs, they at times can move two steps forward and then there is that big step back, but no matter what they face, they face it with their Savior by their side, knowing He is in control and He loves them and will fill them with all they need moment by moment. They overcome every obstacle in their way. You can see a sweet love in their eyes, a new look on life, they are living each moment at a time and living with such grace and beauty. It has been literally like watching a beautiful pink rose begin to bloom. For me, you think of cancer as taking life away, but with these ladies it is different, they are adding so much joy to life, they are giving so much, and they are blossoming into the women God created them to be. I don't know why cancer is here, I wish is weren't, but with ladies, they have shown such great love for their Father, that this love overflows to others. As I watch these ladies, I see what Christ means by being one, coming together, and being united. It brings ladies together, and in the moments of their suffering, we share in prayer and lift them up to Christ. He is the Great Healer, the Comforter, the Patience, the Peace, the Strength, and the Mighty Mercy who has touched them all. Pink brings us together, for even though we all may not fully understand what one woman goes through, we are women, and that we understand, we understand loving our husbands and our children and our life given to us by our Amazing God. They have taught me it doesn't matter how long we are here on this earth, its how we live in the time we are here, its giving, its loving, and its never taking one moment for granit. We seem to do that in life, take things and those we love for granit. I have watched mother and daughter come together, mothers and sons, and sisters in Christ with their husbands gathered around in prayer. The color pink is beauty by design, it is strength, love and grace. As these woman have gone through their trials, they have blossomed out like a rose giving a fragrance of what a wife, a mother, a sister really is, a beauty created by God with His hands to touch the world in a special way. When you see one of the cancer walks, you see all the ladies in pink walking, running, but something special you see is their smiles, their laughs, the love they carry for one another, that is who we are to be, we are to hold each other up, carry one another if we have to, open our hands and trust Christ with all we have. Pink has always been my favorite color, it is a color that catches your eye, its one of beauty, its one that is soft, gentle, and one that these ladies wear who have fought, who are fighting, and who are winning this battle. These ladies who wear pink are all heros to me, they have already won the battle the moment they recieved their news, so to them I give praise, to them I give you my prayers and my thanks for teaching us all you have learned and showing what life is really like when you wear pink~


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