Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As you know I have shared much about my husband being layed off for over a year now. Well, I have wonderful news today! He has a new job, praise the Lord. Just when you are at that point of not knowing whats going to happen when that unemployment runs out even after you have had your extension, the Lord shows Himself in all His glory. My husbands old job was great pay, great benefits, and long hours. We were blessed not to have to pay out anything for insurance, it was all covered, its amazing how we get used to things and soon take them for granit. When my husband lost his job, I prayed that he would have the job the Lord wanted for him, a great boss, a family company, a place where they treated him with respect, a place he would enjoy going to, surrounded by christians, great pay and benefits. I added more to my prayers daily. And here God was listening all the time. His new boss is a christian, working with a few men he knows and they too are christians, great benefits, new pay, all the things I was praying for. The one thing that is a struggle is he will have to go over the road again, and this is hard, its dangerous, many don't really think it is, but my husband has seen much disaster in his driving across the nation. So I will again pray for him as he walks out the door until he walks right back in and give praise for all God has done. God doesn't give us all we ask for, all we want, He gives us what we need, and for some reason He wants my husband to be here at this family owned business. God uses us all in so many different ways, and my husband meets people everywhere he goes, I know God has something big in store for him. This has been so hard on our family, we have really struggled to have food on the table, to pay our bills and yes, some have had to be on hold. But we were never meant to be comfortable, it is in these times that we grow, we find out who we are, and in our weakness we find Christ's strength. I am proud of my husband. He is such a good man, a good husband and I am blessed to have him. He has done odd jobs, he has taken care of us with God's grace and mercy. Please pray for my husband as he begins this new adventure with a new job, and more changes come to our family. I can't say I am ever happy when my husband is not home, in fact, I have gotten quite use to him being here. I have watched God change us, humble us, and provide for us during our struggle and I am so thankful for Him, all He has done and all He will do. God always meets us where we are. If you are in this place, if you are in transition, if you are struggling, don't give up on yourself and never give up on God, He is there, putting together His plan for you. He is in control, we just have to believe and He will show Himself true to us in everyway possible~ Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."


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