Sunday, October 25, 2009


Are you interested in the end times? Are you wondering about the secrets of our government? In Shadow Government Grant R. Jeffrey reveals the truths about the secret global elite who is using surveillance against us. He gives scripture from the Prophets who fortold what is to come, and through those scriptures he is able to reveal what we are blind to. Our government is telling us only bits and pieces of what the truth really is. The news media gives account of what the government only allows to be told today,leaving us to fill in the gaps. Grant R. Jeffrey unfolds before us the secret elite who hold the power of the world and want to gain total power to bring forth a one world government. This book is an eye opening account of truths that our government is deceiving us about. Grant R. Jeffrey gives us notes throughout each chapter that we do not have to take one mans opinion, but seek the truth for ourselves about what is happening right before our eyes. In this book he is setting the stage for us to seek and learn about our government and those elite around us. He is engaging us to know more, and this book will put a fire under your feet to share the gospel with all those around you. Are we really living in a free country? Do we really have rights that are being upheld? Is our government watching and listening to every move we make? If you are asking these questions this book is a must read, and one you will want to share with many. We think we have the constitution to protect us, but there are powers bigger than our constitution that are taking our rights away one by one. As you read through this book it will be one you do not want to put down. When we see that prophecy is being unfolded before us, that we are in the birthing pains of the great tribulation, we must not keep our eyes closed, but open them to all that is around us from the evils of yesterday to the evils of today Grant R. Jeffrey unfolds the truths that we need to hear. This book was a gift from Multnomah WaterBrook Press for the review of its content. Grant R. Jeffrey is the internationally known prophecy researcher, Mideast expert, and author of Countdown to the Apocalypse, The New Temple and the Second Coming, The Next World War, and twenty other best-selling books. He is also the editor of the Prophecy Study Bible. His popular television program, Bible Prophecy Revealed, airs weekly on TBN. Jeffrey earned his master’s and PhD degrees from Louisiana Baptist University. He and his wife, Kaye, live in Toronto..


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