Tuesday, October 20, 2009

is He your everything?

Without Jesus I know I am nothing. Without Him I know I have no talents to share. Without Him I know I am lost without a way to heaven. Without Him I know that life wouldn't really be life. You might be able to call it life, but it wouldn't be living. There is nothing to compare in the world that could even measure up to what I have found in Jesus. He is my everything, He is my life, my every breath, He is the one who sends blessings, who lifts me up, who continues to love me even though I know I don't deserve His love. For so many years I thought the things of this world would make me happy, but once I stopped looking to the world and looking to Jesus, I knew right then and there, that nothing would ever be so grand as knowing Him, having Him love me, and to hear His sweet voice. In life we think we need so many things, but He has shown us its when we give up all those things that we find Him. As I look at the world, at all those who do not know Him, it brings a sadness to my heart, for if they could only let go of themselves and allow Jesus to wash over them, they could find real peace, real joy, and they could finally understand what living is all about. As I see the sick around me, the hurting, the hungry, Jesus gives me hope, He gives me a security in Him, knowing nothing touches me without His knowledge, and when He allows it, it is for a reason, and with each new trial, new temptation, I know He is there to save me, He is there to bring joy, to bring love, replacing all those burdens with a peace once I surrender to Him and give Him all. On those days I am fearful, He is there to let me know all is okay. I have nothing to fear, nothing to get me down, that is what satan is trying to do, he is trying to destroy me, and with the power of Jesus that just isn't going to happen. He is my life, my love and knowing Him, walking with Him has made life real, has given life a purpose, and has made this journey so sweet. Just to say His name brings comfort. Do you know Him, really really know Him? We can all learn scripture, we can all sit in church on Sunday, and never have a personal relationship with Him, but let me share with you, once you come to Him, your life will change forever, not only change but He will do the changes, He will give you all you need to be who He created you to be. Wherever you are today, whatever you are doing, stop and spend some time with Jesus, get to know Him, for He already knows you, but wants to share so much more. He loves you ya know, go to Him, give all you have to Him, and as He comes into your heart you will be overjoyed with a feeling you have never experienced before. Share with Him today and become a member of the family, His family, in whom He gave all for our freedom. Thank you Jesus for your love, your forgiveness, and delivering me from the bondage of my sins, of myself. I was helpless before God came into my life. When you call out His name, He will answer the call everytime. May He be Lord of your life also. Lord, I give You all the praise for my life, for the blessings, for leaving my past right there in the past, and giving me a future in You~


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