Thursday, September 10, 2009

what sin are you holding on to?

To God sin is sin, there is no greater sin, it is all sin to Him. To us, we tend to make light of some sins as others we put at the head of the list and swear we would never do any such thing. We should be looking at sin just as God does. We are sinning daily, but with the forgiveness we are asking for are we making a change in our lives to walk away from that sin, and repeat it no more? We all struggle daily with different sins. As we like to point out the sins of others, we too are sinning right along with them, so why, who are we to point out another's sins? Who are we to judge others? We like to think of ourselves as holy, as pure, as righteous, but when we begin to think those thoughts of ourselves, we are being destroyed with each one. For by grace, there go I is a saying my Pastor pleads to those of our church. He is saying, how can we judge others, when we could just as easily fall into the sin of another. We are to lift one another up, not drag each other down. If you are living with gossip in your heart, with anger for another, lust for another, satan is killing you with each word you choose to spread, with the anger growing like cancer in your body, and with lust, it will take us away from our spouse and the love we share together. With each sin, with each choice we make there are consequences to follow. The closer we are to Christ the more aware we are of our sin, the farther away we are from Him, the more the sin grows, and the more we become our sin as it takes over our being. Sin has a way of being like quick sand, the closer to get to the edge the easier it is for you to be dragged under. And once we are under, we struggle, and the more we give in to our flesh, the more we lose. I say what if we knew we were being video taped each moment of our life, would that change the things we are doing? If others were able to see deep into our hearts, what would they find? We can be one way when we think others are watching, but once home, behind those doors does the real you come out? As women we carry little compacts with us to check just how we look during the day or night. How many of us are carrying our bibles with us daily and looking in to see just how we look to Christ? Why is it so hard for us to be real to ourselves and to those around us? What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of what others may say or think, or our we concerned with what the Lord will think? At the end of my life, my friends or enemies will not be standing there judging me, I will go before my mighty God and He and He alone will judge my life for the things I did for His kingdom and for the things I so did for myself. As we walk this journey, we should be thinking what example am I giving to others. The rapture will come one day, one day I hope when we are ready, those around you are ready, those whom are your friends and those who are your enemies. Have we done enough to prepare? I think of Thanksgiving, which will be here before we know it. I can remember my mom preparing days ahead. She put much work into being prepared and laying before us a buffet of wonderful treats to taste. She took time to read recipes, to purchase the right things, to taste the food while preparing making sure it was good. When we sat down to dinner all before looked amazing. She even did the clean up, and took her time with every dish. She was thinking of others while she was cooking, she wanted to give her best, she wanted to present before us all she had to give. Do we do this in our lives? Are we really preparing, giving our best before God, making sure things are good, are we reading our recipe for life? Are we presenting a buffet before the world to see Christ through us? Are we giving not just thinking of receiving? Are we hospitable to those around us no matter who they are? Are we giving love to all those around us? Sometimes we put on a face, we put on a fake face to those around us, and we may say one thing but think the other. The sin that effects our life, will touch those around us in some way or another. Today is the best day ever to let the sin go, walk away from the temptation, and to put your best forward for Christ's glory. May we stop being fake to those around us, and settle what is before us, so that we are not carrying anger in our hearts. Instead of holding on that sin, let it go, and reach out to God's hands and allow Him to grab you before the quick sand takes over. We have a hope in Christ, and with Him we can overcome anything, even the sin you are struggling with today. Even though you may think its too big to let go of, God is bigger, and He is just waiting for you to release your sin, so He can give you the freedom of life. Romans 14:12-13 "So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother's way."


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