Wednesday, September 9, 2009

so thankful

Psalm 75:1 "We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks! For Your wonderous works declare that Your name is near." Today is one of those days that I find myself in need of help. Not just any help, but help from my Savior, the only kind of help He can give. No other can fill us like He can. No other can love us like He can. No other can bring comfort as He can. No other can heal as He can. No other can bring peace like our Lord Jesus Christ. Today is one of those days where I am fighting with my flesh, the worldly desires are calling my name, and I don't want to answer, so I find myself in God's word, in Psalms, finding just how thankful I really am to be His child. If it were not for His mercy and His grace I would be lost forever, but He saved me, He chose me, and He loves me. Do you have those days, where you find yourself thinking of the desires of the world? I don't think I am alone here, I think we all battle the world together as God's children. I find myself wanting to write, I find myself wanting to do more, go more, buy more, have more, more, more and more. I feel like I am torn between two people today, one who is following Christ with every ounce of love I have, and the other who wants to escape from today and find herself somewhere else, somewhere new and different. I know Jesus hasn't left me, I don't want Him to, I just want to move faster, go faster and thats not what He has called for me to do. I hear His soft whisper telling me to be still. Its hard to be still at times when we so want to move forward. So in this battle I am in today, I decide to turn to Christ in prayer and turn my heart to Him. I find my strength and wisdom in His word, in His message of hope. I am thankful I have a God to turn to even when I falter, when I fall completely on my face, He is still there loving me, moving me, and teaching me. I know things are not in my time but His, His ways are higher than mine. I know the world is not what I should be seeking today, it is satan trying to distract me from God's will for my life. So I must be steadfast in what He is teaching me, and the road He is leading me in. I know He loves me and never will leave me. I feel His touch, His love, so for me, I must be humble, I must be meek, and seek Him daily in order to find my purpose and will in life. I cannot take off on my own, and begin seeking for myself, but to stay true to who I am in Him. So today, Lord this is for you, for you to know just how thankful I am to you for never leaving me, when I begin to stray, and for coming to get me when my feet begin to move without you. I am thankful for your forgiveness and your never ending grace. Thank you for loving me, me of all people, who is so unworthy of your love. Make me humble before your face, and may I never look to the world for happiness, and success, but look to you for all~


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